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Editor's note: on June 12, "energy saving imagination 2009 - the third national electrical energy saving Application Technology Forum and the sixth top ten brands of inverter user satisfaction" was held in Beijing

on June 12, 2009, sponsored by electric times magazine and co organized by China Society of electrical engineering, inverter branch of China Electrical Industry Association and China Society of automation, "energy saving imagination 2009 - the third national electrical energy saving Application Technology Forum and the sixth release of top ten brands of inverter users' satisfaction" was held in Beijing. More than 180 experts and user representatives from the fields of electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, water treatment, cement, coal, construction, transportation, textile and general machinery attended the forum

Zhao Xiangbin, Secretary General of China inverter Association and Li Yanwen, deputy chief engineer of machinery industry information research institute addressed the forum respectively; Affected by economic conditions and people's living habits, qianjiaxiang, the Deputy Secretary General of the compressor branch of China General Machinery Association, Qi Lanying, the professor level senior engineer of Beijing water conservancy planning and Design Institute, Li Chongjian, the chief engineer of Metallurgical Automation Institute, and other industry experts, as well as representatives of Rockwell Automation, Senlan, Siemens and other enterprises made wonderful speeches

now let's briefly introduce the three small skills of ordinary electronic universal testing machine maintenance

guest dialogue - energy saving status and development under the revitalization plan

"regularly clean electromechanical equipment, go deep into the industry and create high-efficiency kinetic energy" - going deep into the industry and highlighting industry characteristics are the biggest highlights of this year. First of all, experts discussed the current situation and opportunities of electrical energy conservation from a macro perspective, combined with the energy-saving applications in this industry; Secondly, from the actual production and application, the enterprise and user representatives showed their new products, new technologies and new problems in the application process. During the dialogue, industry experts and user representatives jointly discussed the "current situation and development of energy conservation under the revitalization plan" and exchanged the prospects of future energy conservation development

panorama of the scene

the guest pointed out that although the financial storm has led to the slowdown of China's economic development, the intensification of market competition and the difficulties of enterprise development; However, for the energy-saving industry, it is organic in danger. Because energy-saving investment has the characteristics of "counter cyclical" relative to macroeconomic fluctuations, in order to reduce costs and enhance competitiveness, user units will pay more attention to and carry out energy conservation actively in times of crisis. Moreover, the country's determination to save energy and reduce emissions has not wavered. On the contrary, it is firmer and more direct. With the successive introduction of revitalization plans for steel, petrochemical, new energy and other industries, energy-saving enterprises will have a larger stage to display

adhering to the founding concept of "technology first, you and I work together to save energy", the "energy saving vision 2009" was launched in July 2008. After nearly a year of award-winning essays and user surveys, combined with expert opinions and recommendations, a total of 16 excellent papers on electrical energy conservation were selected; The forum released the "survey report of Chinese inverter users" on the spot, announced the winners of "the 6th top ten foreign brands of Chinese inverter users' satisfaction", "the 6th top ten domestic brands of Chinese inverter users' satisfaction" and the award-winning essays on electrical energy conservation, and presented awards to the corresponding award-winning enterprises and author representatives respectively

after the integration of the previous two sessions, "energy saving imagination" has now formed a series of brand activities, including the electrical energy-saving application technology forum, the release of the survey report of Chinese inverter users, the release of the top ten brands of Chinese inverter user satisfaction, and the announcement of award-winning essays on electrical energy conservation. These activities have built a mutual exchange for people at home and abroad who pay attention to the cause of energy conservation Mutual reference technical parameter editing machine model: capacity selection unit selection: induction mode: American amcells high-precision load element load accuracy: ± 1% resolution displacement accuracy: ± effective test width maximum stroke: 800mm (excluding fixture control system: frequency conversion computer automatic control machine safe installation: overload emergency shutdown installation platform), which has been widely praised by people from all walks of life

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