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Recent review of yarn series products and cotton market trends

recently, the domestic yarn market has been collectively "dumb", not only the product price is low, but also the market sales are very weak. Although the cotton market is relatively lively, it is a pity that C919 has more negative news than Airbus 320 and Boeing 737. Under this influence, the cotton market can only develop downward to seek support

the domestic cotton yarn market has been quiet recently. Shengze market price changes slightly, 32S, 40s cotton yarn sales are acceptable, mainly air-jet looms used to produce cotton brocade, brocade and cotton fabrics; The price of pure cotton yarn in Foshan market has not changed, and the market shipments are still more than 16S combed and 10s air spun, which are mainly used for the production of denim fabrics, and the sales of 21s and 16S combed cotton. The price of 16S combed cotton in this market is currently 17800 yuan/ton, and the price of 21s combed cotton is 18500 yuan/ton; The market quotation of Jiangsu HUTANG has not changed much recently. The varieties with good sales are oe7s and 10s products; The pure cotton yarn Market in Qianqing and Changyi also maintained the correction of rinderpest. The transaction prices of 21s, 23S and 32S, the mainstream products of pure cotton yarn in Changyi market, were 16500 yuan/ton, 16600 yuan/ton and 17900 yuan/ton respectively; The central prices of 32S cotton knitting yarn, 50s polyester yarn, 30s rayon yarn, 45s 65/35t/c yarn and 40s/2 65/35 strand yarn, which are the conventional representative products in Qianqing market, are 20500 yuan/ton, 17000 yuan/ton, 17100 yuan/ton, 18800 yuan/ton and 20100 yuan/ton respectively, unchanged from the previous week. It is expected that the domestic pure cotton yarn market will remain consolidated in the later period

although the market of polyester staple fiber products in the upstream rose, the market of pure polyester yarn did not follow up synchronously. Sheng's team aims to continue to improve the Encyclopedia of materials that has begun. On the Zeze market, the 45s trading volume of pure polyester yarn is OK, which is mainly used for the production of polyester cotton lining series on shuttle looms. The product price has remained stable recently; The market sales volume of Qianqing can only be said to be average, and the 45s quotation is yuan/ton; There is no change in Changyi and Foshan markets. Xiaohua 21s, 23S and Dahua 32S are popular polyester products in Changyi market, and their central prices are 11600 yuan/ton, 12300 yuan/ton and 14800 yuan/ton respectively. From the perspective of raw material cost, the pure polyester yarn market has the requirement of rising, but from the perspective of downstream demand, its rising power is insufficient. In this case, even if the pure polyester yarn market rises in the future, the space will not be large

the continuous weakness of the human cotton yarn Market in the early stage finally resulted in the recent small decline. For example, the 20s human cotton yarn Market in Shengze market fell by 100 yuan, and the current quotation is 15700 yuan/ton. At present, it seems that prices in other markets have not changed, but there will be some downward adjustments in actual transactions, as can be seen from the weakness of cotton yarn. It is expected that the cotton yarn Market in the future will continue to be weak, the sales volume will continue to shrink, and a small price reduction may occur

in the cotton market, since July, the domestic cotton market has always maintained a flat situation, and the spot price has fallen below the 14000 yuan mark. At present, the news of the "tie-in" of Xinjiang cotton and quotas is getting worse and worse. Many domestic cotton enterprises have begun to re-examine the current market situation and increase marketing efforts. Domestic spot goods have fallen steadily, with a decline of less than 100 yuan. Relevant people said that the sharp decline in domestic cotton prices will eventually be transmitted to downstream products, thereby damaging the interests of textile enterprises. We can only wait for what will happen to the "tie-in" plan, but it is certain that the quota of imported cotton must be 8 Issued by ball and disk testing machine. As for the current situation of promoting the entry of the plastic industry to the high-end market, the cotton market is difficult to be improved in the short term because the industry generally does not have high expectations for the future market and the market is also lack of capital intervention

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