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Polypropylene product trend Review

polypropylene Lanzhou Petrochemical Company polypropylene ex factory price, F401 (wire drawing) 11700 yuan; Liaoyang Petrochemical Company 5004 (wire drawing) 11350 yuan, 70218 (fiber), 71735 (cigarette tow), 70126 (coating) 11450 yuan; Fushun Petrochemical Company T30S (wire drawing) is 11750 yuan, T38F (film material), Z30S, h30s-2 (fiber) are 11850 yuan; Daqing Petrochemical Company T30S 11900 yuan, v30g smooth delivery (injection molding) 11800 yuan, x30g (injection molding) 11700 yuan, T38F 12000 yuan; Yanshan Petrochemical Company 2401 (wire drawing) 11910 yuan, 4220 (tube material) 12960 yuan, 4240 (tube material) 12610 yuan, k7726 (washing machine material) 12450 yuan, k8303 (injection molding) 12210 yuan; Qilu Petrochemical Company T36F (BOPP film) 12000 yuan, EPS30R (injection molding) 11800 yuan; Dushanzi Petrochemical Company T30S 11850 yuan, EPS30R 12050 yuan, Jinzhou stone needs to tighten the screws at the system, the powder of chemical company 11300 yuan, Shijiazhuang Refinery 10950 yuan, compared with the first half of April, Lanzhou, Yanshan, Jinzhou rose yuan, Fushun, Daqing, Qilu, Dushanzi rose yuan, Liaoyang remained unchanged, Shijiazhuang fell 550 yuan, and the pellets are suitable for glass fiber fabric reinforced thermoplastic and thermosetting plates rose slightly across the board, The powder rises and falls, and the price fluctuates. The prices of F401, T30S, 2401 wire drawing materials, Z30S, h30s-2 fiber materials are close to 12000 yuan, and the prices of tube materials and washing machine materials exceed 12000 yuan. The prices of powder materials have fallen somewhat due to the high price in the early stage, and the overall price is still slightly higher. The current price of propylene remains high, which is conducive to the stability and rise of polypropylene price

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