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The positioning of China's textile industry needs to create its own brand

"Textile Economy Summit Forum" was unveiled at Donghua University in Shanghai on the 22nd. Director of the global economic monitoring center of the United Nations Economic and Social Council "All the government processes, Hong Fanfan, together with economists from the United States and Japan, well-known domestic scholars and entrepreneurs, analyzed and discussed the opportunities and challenges faced by the world textile economy under the background of the financial crisis.

as an expert in the research of Japanese textile development strategy, Professor fumizawa of Osaka City University, based on the 50 years of transformation experience of Japan's textile industry, pointed out that there are already a large number of" made in China "in the Japanese market However, there are still a few brands in China that really own the mortar tensile testing machine and develop the new generation of testing machine according to the dry powder mortar tensile testing standard. He suggested that Chinese enterprises create their own brands to go to the international market

based on the "stage theory of textile economic development" founded by Peter colteff, a professor at California Institute of technology, he believes that industrial upgrading is the only choice for developing countries. At present, the economic growth of Western Europe and North America is slow. On the contrary, the economy of Asia is recovering rapidly. Chinese companies should face the challenges and seize the opportunities to learn to apply new technologies such as long-distance communication and digitalization

industry participants believed that 2011 was a year full of opportunities and challenges for the international textile industry, and also an important moment for China's textile and clothing industry to promote industrial transformation and strive to achieve innovative development. How to reduce the risks inside and outside the industry, break through the siege in the new international economic situation, seize the opportunity, and more easily seize the opportunities and meet the challenges has become a common topic of concern for many Chinese textile enterprises (1) to remove all bundles

make effective use of stock assets; On the other hand, it will have a positive impact on the extension of the industrial chain of the aluminum processing industry and the steady improvement of production efficiency. Note: this reprint indicates the source of the content. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its content

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