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The mainstream post-80s generation carries Sany future

Guide: the post-80s generation is the overall concept of people born in the 1980s. Whether they like it or not, they are marked with a clear brand of the times and called eggs laid in the 1980s by the media. This generation, growing up with China's reform and opening up, experienced a materialistic but simple and happy childhood, and took the lead in

the post-80s generation is the overall concept of "people born in the 1980s". Whether they like it or not, they are marked with a clear brand of the times and called eggs laid in the 1980s by the media

this generation, who grew up with China's reform and opening up, experienced a material poor but simple happy childhood, and also took the lead in contacting new things at the forefront of China's new information era. In the great changes of the market economy and the impact of the wave of new and old things, they constantly choose and are selected, get used to themselves and break the rules. They have been rebellious, confused, complaining, or determined to persevere. Today, this generation has gradually entered the prime of life, began to think about the national honor and the future of the country, dare to undertake, and become the backbone to promote social progress and development

in Sany, the power of this young group appears to be extremely strong. In the group with more than 60000 people, the post-80s accounted for nearly 75%, reaching more than 45000 people. Among them, the post-80s vice presidents, post-80s directors, post-80s ministers... Emerge one by one, batch by batch, such as rising stars, accounting for 60% of the total number of group cadres. "Young people can have such a speed of development, which is simply unimaginable in other enterprises." Zhang Jie, who has read many enterprises and finally returned to Sany as the director of the human resources headquarters of Sany group, expressed such feelings

On April 1, Sany overseas promoted 16 ministerial level cadres; On the 6th, 12 people from the mixing equipment company were promoted; On the th, six people in the crane business department were promoted...

open the OA of Sany group, and the announcement on personnel appointment was very lively. According to the preliminary calculation, from April 1 to April 20, in less than a month, the whole group promoted and appointed nearly 100 cadres, most of whom were young people after the 1980s

among those who have been promoted or appointed, in addition to a large number of ministerial and director assistant level cadres, the name of Yu Tiehui is eye-catching. This 28 year old young man in the field of Sany electrical and electronic automation was appointed as the deputy general manager of Sany electrical automation subsidiary and vice president of the research institute this time. The administrative and salary levels were raised from the assistant director level to the deputy director level

Yu Tiehui's newcomer can be said to be a highlight of the post-80s young people in the position ranking list of Sany group. The post-80s have expanded from two to three seats at the level of deputy director. Before that, tangzhijuan, director of human resources of Sany technology, and Li Biao, executive director of crane business department, also became the youngest deputy director of the group with outstanding performance

according to other data, as of April 20, Sany group has a total of 12 post-80s director assistant level cadres, nearly 300 ministerial level cadres and nearly 700 section level cadres. Post-80s cadres account for 60% of the total number of group cadres, and this data is increasing every day. Everyone is promoted to a higher position through their own efforts, which is also in line with the chairman Liang Wengen's concept of "cultivating their own managers". These post-80s young people have gradually become the main force to promote the development of the company and are independent in all fields

when the post-80s youth encounter the post-80s enterprise

Sany, the post-80s youth are optimistic and positive, constantly pursuing breakthroughs; Founded in 1989, Sany is a typical post-80s enterprise. Like the post-80s young people, they are energetic, energetic and develop at a high speed. When post-80s youth encounter post-80s enterprises, a chemical reaction of mutual attraction and mutual promotion "Chi" occurs

in December 2009, 24-year-old chenbinbin joined Sany human resources headquarters as an intern. Under the guidance of his tutor, he soon became familiar with the relevant processes of the company's Sany recruitment, and was specifically responsible for the compilation of the spring recruitment special issue during the Spring Festival recruitment in 2010. "A lot of things are new attempts for me. I have to be tough." Due to his outstanding performance in completing the task, the young man who had not graduated was subsequently recommended by the Department to participate in the S1000 reserve cadre training. At that time, most of the qualified employees were excellent employees of the Department with 1 or 2 years of work experience. This opportunity was a great encouragement to him. In June, Chen Binbin was promoted to deputy section level cadre by the company when he got his graduation certificate. Half a year later, he was quickly promoted to Zhengke and became a small "sesame official". "Promotion is not the most important thing for me. The key is that Sany has given me a good learning platform." Chen Binbin is full of expectations for the future

maybe I like Trinity because I like challenges. Wang Longgang, who was born in 1984, smiled and squinted, looking a little shy. In November, 2007, he joined the Beijing pile machine multifunctional drilling rig Institute for internship, participated in the strength analysis of mast components, and entered the rotary drilling rig Institute after graduation in August, 2008. In his impression, work is around one product project after another, facing new challenges at any time. From appointing the mast design of sr220cii, to serving as the project manager of Sr400, and participating in the design of sr360ii, sr420 and other rotary drilling rigs, to being responsible for the development of adaptive products in different international market regions, he retreated to maturity, and said he found the fun of research and development. That is, on April 18 this year, Wang Longgang was officially appointed director of the International Institute of Beijing pile machine research institute

many people envy Cheng Weihua, who has been the deputy director of the group president's office from the ERP Consultant of the group's it headquarters for only three years, and is one of the 12 post-80s director assistants. Cheng Weihua is very glad that he has entered Sany, and he is even more glad that he can work next to president Tang Xiuguo. "In the group president's office, I have the honor to listen to the chairman and President's business meetings for a long time. This is an example teaching of enterprise management, which is far better than reading EMBA, and it benefits me all my life." As we all know, the president attaches great importance to the training of employees. Cheng Weihua even believes that: "the president knows me better than myself, and knows my strengths and weaknesses better." "Job rotation" is an important means for the group to cultivate employees, which is particularly prominent in the group president's office. Cheng Weihua was transferred from the IT headquarters to the president's office of the group. After 8 months as the supervision secretary, he served as the director of the Aviation Department of the president's office of the group due to work needs; In another 8 months, he was transferred to the director of the general management department of the group president's office and the president's working secretary; Eight months later, due to his outstanding performance, he was promoted to deputy director of the group's president office in 2011 and won the honor of Trinity figure of 2010. "New jobs and new challenges constantly stimulate our potential." For Cheng Weihua, maybe this is just the beginning

anyone can only break the "ceiling effect"

"Sany is a young enterprise with flexible mechanism, rapid development and many opportunities. You have the relatively high cost of this product, and there is as much room for development as you have the ability." Zhang Xie, director of Sany group human resources headquarters, believes that there is no "ceiling" in Sany, where there is no distinction between age, gender and qualification, and anyone can only be competent

in major events, your outstanding performance will be valued by the company, and you will have the opportunity to get rewards and promotions. For example, in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, a large number of post-80s young people who participated in earthquake relief have been promoted. Of course, you can also see the development channels. January and July of each year can be said to be the lucky months for Sany people. After the annual and semi annual 16 palace assessment based on performance and potential is completed, Sany will carry out centralized promotion, salary increase, sending for study or supporting job transfer for employees within these two months according to the assessment results. Being performance oriented, paying attention to the results and the whole performance process also makes Sany people catch up with each other and work more quickly

according to Liu Zhubo, head of the organization and Planning Department of the human resources headquarters of Sany group, potential employees and core employees of the Department in the 16 palace assessment will also have the opportunity to meet chairman Liang Wengen and get a direct promotion. At present, the electronic universal experimental machine of all undertakings is a new generation of double space microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine specially designed for colleges and universities and scientific research institutes. Leaders of the Department and subsidiaries also began to hold regular meetings with employees to find and select talents

your relevant departments have issued a number of policies and measures to adjust. Do you want to get promoted? Then before you get promoted, you must cultivate a qualified successor. This is the tutorial system. This year, this assessment item has been clearly put forward in the performance assessment of cadres of Sany group. Xiao Yanping, the human resources headquarters, said that the tutorial system is a powerful measure for Sany to train cadres on the job, and there are clear requirements for the training of successors for managers and technicians. "There are generals in the battlefield." Compared with S1000 reserve cadre training, this method will be more effective if it is directly cultivated in the work. It is understood that in 2010, Sany launched the S1000 backup training, with more than 700 participants, of whom more than 200 were promoted

in addition, the class C meeting dedicated to training cadres and finding talents is held every month, and at the same time, there is a regular human resources meeting to evaluate cadres. As long as you are gold, you will never be buried. In this way, the circular mechanism of benign cultivation of talents has gradually formed in Sany

Sany is like an arena. The post-80s generation who love and dare to compete are like the seed players in this arena. You can show all kinds of martial arts. The transparent and flexible mechanism has made this game fair, and its life span has been increased by about times, including Chen Li

when it comes to how the post-80s generation can better develop in Sany, Zhang jielue, as an elder, pondered slightly: "we should have lofty ideals, adhere to the correct outlook on life and values; have a positive and healthy attitude; continue to learn and adhere to innovation." He smiled and worried that this seemingly "old" speech might not be acceptable to young people, but it was an irrefutable truth

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