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Bullish factors emerged, Shanghai Rubber rebound demand increased

Market Review: TOCOM rubber futures closed up 2.7% on Thursday. After the sharp decline in prices in the previous two trading days, investors covered short positions and promoted new buying. The weakness of the yen compared with yesterday and other factors were the main reasons for the company's main independent research and development of various testing and experimental machines to close higher. Supported by the international oil price, the main contract 1009 of Shanghai Jiaotong opened slightly higher, with the opening price of 22390 yuan/ton, followed by a shock downward. Affected by the surrounding stock markets in the afternoon, the futures price rose all the way, and finally closed at 22435 yuan/ton, up 230 points

fundamental analysis: the US SEC investigated the CDO sale of Deutsche Bank and Citibank, and the Goldman Sachs case will continue to be investigated in depth. Data released by the United States yesterday showed that the trade deficit in March increased by 2.5% year-on-year, the highest in 15 months, and the growth rate of exports was the largest since October 2008. From the data, the momentum of the U.S. economic recovery has been increasing. After the Greek crisis was rescued, market attention shifted to the U.S. market yesterday, and positive economic data helped the U.S. stock market continue to rebound. At the same time, in order to prevent the spread of the Greek debt problem, 1 but the current industrial investment channels in the financial sector are less, the trillion dollar rescue plan has also calmed the entire financial market

in terms of supply and demand, after the domestic all latex quickly lowered its quotation in the early stage following the futures market, the market as a whole remained above 23500 this week, and the spot market showed signs of gradually stabilizing. The cigarette glue in the outer tray continued to hold steady, and the CIF port RSS3 was quoted as USD/ton, and the sir20 was quoted as USD/ton; The price in the bonded area was basically stable, and market inquiries increased. Some businesses entered the market to seek low-cost spot goods. RSS3 quoted us dollars/ton, and sir20 quoted us dollars/ton

technical analysis: from a technical point of view, the 1009 K line of the main contract of Shanghai Jiaotong in the previous two days is similar to the penetrating form of the reversal form. Today, it broke through the pressure of the five-day moving average to close the one hammer line, and the position increased by 12280, so the market has a strong desire to stop falling

in conclusion, based on the analysis of various factors, the favorable factors in the financial market have emerged recently, and the stock market has received strong support. Affected by it, Tianjiao's support based on the 22000 integer level has rebounded slightly. At the same time, the rebound expectation in technology and the favorable factors in the market have increased the demand for Tianjiao's rebound. However, at present, Tianjiao is under heavy upward pressure. It is recommended to watch carefully in operation. Empty orders can be moderately reduced, and bargain hunting is not suitable

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