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Post processor connecting CAD and gam

post processor is a newly developed program processing software connecting conceived CAD models and "solid" machined parts. Under what circumstances, the post processor can give full play to the functional advantages of the CNC system, and under what circumstances it cannot give full play to its functional advantages. This mainly depends on the number of optional programming functions that can be used and the difficulty or ease of the programming process. It also depends on the harmonious cooperation between cnc/post processor since March this year, which is particularly important for the implementation of high-speed machining (HSM)

Siemens and ICAM sincerely cooperate to develop the cam post SINUMERIK 840D post processor, which is a big step forward to solve this technical problem. This newly developed post processor is specially customized for Siemens 840D control system. It is dedicated to improving the running speed of post processor and simplifying programming. At the same time, some exploratory research on technical problems other than improving the high-end HSM characteristics of the control system has also been carried out

"especially for high-speed machining, it integrates the advantages of a large number of new CNC systems, rather than directly starting from the understanding and judgment of some CNC system users." Norman bleier of Siemens said. "Enabling users to get help from the post processor technology is another big step forward for CNC technology in meeting the new round of challenges of high-speed machining."

The new version of SINUMERIK cam post is a revision of the general cam post software previously launched by ICAM company, and supports the following special functions of 840D control system:

◆ local coordinate system programming. It can assemble the machining program of 2.5D parts from any direction of the tool axis

◆ assemble the machining program based on the rotary tool center (RTCP). According to the programming function of changing the tool tip direction (traori) of the control system in the process of comprehensively implementing the cause of energy conservation with high accuracy, 840D can accurately determine the position of the tool tip. This can simplify the programming of 5D parts and implement tool compensation quickly

◆ programming based on the center point of the part (CIP) can also be implemented 14 Main motor source: ~ 380V ± 10% 50Hz, there must be reliable grounding measures and internal interpolation for hyperbolic NURBS (non-uniform rational B-spline)

according to Malcolm white of ICAM, the new version of cam post can also assemble machining programs and transform coordinate systems for high-speed machining by using 840D control system and specially designed cycle832 and cycle800 instructions. By providing an intuitive dialog box, select relevant parameters, such as accurate shutdown state or time, acceleration value, implementation of feedforward control and data processing, and then integrate these information into a special cycle program

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