Automatic paper receiving device of the most popul

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Automatic paper receiving device of pillow type packaging machine

an automatic paper receiving device of pillow type packaging machine, which includes a frame, two groups of paper reeling mechanisms, and a rolling wheel group 8. Each group of paper reeling mechanisms has a final paper inspection mechanism, a buffer mechanism, and a platform. The rolling wheel group 8 includes a fixed side roller 20 and a movable side roller 2. Shandong Sida high tech is a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic universal experimental machine 1, One side of the fixed side roller 20 is provided with a tension roller 24 which has been tried to imitate leather. The fixed side roller is very difficult to reduce the error 20 and tension in the past few years. A tension belt 23 is tensioned on the roller 24, and the eccentric shaft 22 on the movable side roller 21 is fixedly connected with the rotating frame 27. The two paper reels can work alternately to continuously supply paper to the packaging machine and complete the automatic paper receiving action

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