The hottest oil price is expected to fall to 5 yua

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The oil price is expected to drop to 5 yuan today, or waste plastics may fall

according to the principle of "one adjustment in ten working days" of the refined oil pricing mechanism, the domestic oil price will usher in the price adjustment window again on the 27th. As the international oil price fluctuated and fell during this cycle, this oil price reduction has basically become a regular maintenance and is not timely enough. As it is on the eve of the Qingming Festival holiday, car owners who travel abroad may be able to save some costs. Feijiu analysis: in view of the close relationship between oil prices and plastics, 11. Capacity, full scale [capacity, full scale] affected by the decline in oil prices, the price of waste plastics (5) equipped with jaw guard plates may fall again

since the price adjustment of domestic oil price stranded on March 12, the international oil price has declined and then increased slightly due to the pressure of the fundamentals of oversupply in the international oil market. Driven by this, the crude oil change rate has remained at a low negative value, and the market downward expectations continue to envelop the domestic refined oil market. As of the closing on March 24, the change rate of several main crude oils calculated by zhuochuang information has fallen to -8.08%, and the corresponding reduction of refined oil is 270 yuan/ton. Based on this prediction range, it is equivalent to a reduction of 0.20 yuan/liter for No. 90 gasoline, 0.21 yuan/liter for No. 93 gasoline, and 0.23 yuan/liter for No. 0 diesel. However, due to the fact that the national development and Reform Commission has not released specific affiliated oils, the forecast data of various institutions are slightly different. Feijiu statistics found that the price adjustment range of Jinyin island is expected to be about 250 yuan/ton, Longzhong Petrochemical is expected to reduce the price by about 245 yuan/ton, and Zhongyu information is expected to reduce the price by 280 yuan/ton. However, the window of this round of refined oil price adjustment is around the corner, and the reduction of oil price is basically a fact. Car owners who plan to travel or drive out to visit friends during the Qingming holiday can reasonably arrange refueling time to save some travel costs. "If the price adjustment range is 270 yuan/ton, for private cars, taking private cars running 2000 kilometers per month and 8L gasoline per 100 kilometers as an example, this round of No. 93 gasoline will fall by 0.21 yuan per liter, and the fuel consumption cost of the next pricing cycle (about half a month) will be reduced by about 16.8 yuan." Zhuochuang information analyst Liu Yun told China new energy channel. According to zhuochuang information, the average price of No. 93 gasoline in China is currently 6.15 yuan/liter. After the price reduction, No. 93 gasoline in some parts of the country will return to the era of five yuan. In addition, affected by the downward adjustment of expectations, the wholesale market was gloomy. Xuying, an analyst at Longzhong petrochemical, said that under the pressure of the reduction in the expectations of refined oil products, the industry generally held a bearish attitude towards the future market, and the domestic refined oil wholesale market transactions were dismal. The wholesale sales progress of the main business units in some regions this month was poor, and the completion rate was only% under the sales pressure, they continued to make profits and promote sales, but with little effect

analysis: in view of the close relationship between oil prices and plastics, the price of waste plastics may fall again due to the decline of oil prices

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