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According to expert analysis, high oil prices are beneficial to the oil exploitation industry and related alternative energy industries. The product prices of the oil industry chain will rise, and the chemical industry should make preparations for "keeping out the cold" in advance

recently, the functional composite market of five internationally renowned banks is expected to increase from $28.62 billion in 2016 to $43.35 billion, which is higher than the medium-term and long-term forecast of oil prices. It is expected that the international oil price will average $100/barrel in 2011 and $110 - $120/barrel in 2012. The five internationally renowned banks believe that the main factors leading to the rise in oil prices are: strong demand in emerging markets, rapid global economic growth, and OPEC's reluctance to increase annual oil production

it is reported that domestic experts also hold the same view that economic recovery is an important factor driving the rise of oil prices, and the world will enter the era of high oil prices again

what impact will high oil prices have on China's energy and chemical industry

new energy is eager to try

experts said that high oil prices are beneficial to the oil alternative energy industry, including coal chemical industry and new energy industry

experts believe that when the oil price rises, the price of petrochemical products will rise, which will increase the profit space of coal chemical enterprises with relatively low cost

a person in charge of Shanxi Lu'an Coal Based Synthetic Oil Co., Ltd. said that the raw materials used in Shanxi Lu'an are low-quality coal that cannot be used by power plants. Even if the oil price drives the coal price up, the price of low-quality coal will not rise much; Coal to liquid products can also take advantage of the rise in the price of refined oil to raise product prices. He introduced that the key to the quality of the experimental machine is to be assured. With the recent rise in the price of diesel oil in the market, the enterprise profit is increasing by more than 10%

experts said that although the coal to liquid industry will show cost advantages in the era of high oil prices, the coal to liquid industry still needs the overall development of the country due to the large investment in coal chemical projects and the large carbon emissions in production

in addition to the coal chemical industry, the new energy industry will benefit from high oil prices. The ability of crude oil prices to cope with trade protectionism has increased, which makes people pay more attention to alternative energy and investment in industries related to low-carbon economy, which will increase the development space of alternative energy

the price of products in the petroleum industry chain will rise

Shu Chaoxia, chief expert of Sinopec economic and Technological Research Institute, said that if the national development and Reform Commission did not raise the price of existing refined oil products, the refining sector in the petrochemical industry chain would suffer losses and affect enterprise benefits

on the one hand, from the perspective of raw material cost, the industries that are greatly affected by high oil prices are oil refining industry, raw material industries such as triene (ethylene, propylene, butadiene), triphenyl (pure benzene, toluene, xylene), and other downstream industries such as plastics, synthetic rubber, phenol, acetone, ethylene glycol, styrene and ethylene; On the other hand, the rising price of refined oil will increase the transportation costs of all production enterprises

in addition, if the international oil price continues to rise, the contradiction of tight diesel supply will intensify. Because domestic local refining enterprises will stop production due to losses, this part of production capacity accounts for 1/5 of China's total refining capacity

the rise in oil prices will also drive up the prices of major energy sources such as natural gas and coal

the chemical sub industry "keeps out the cold" in advance.

industry experts made corresponding analysis on the development prospect of the chemical sub industry under the condition of high oil prices

chemical logistics industry. Since the national development and Reform Commission raised the prices of gasoline and diesel oil on October 26 this year, the costs of chemical enterprises have increased. "After the state raised the price of refined oil, our enterprise paid at least tens of thousands of yuan more for fuel every month." A person in charge of a chemical logistics enterprise in Fujian said that with the rise of international oil prices, their costs may continue to increase

chemical fiber industry. Industry insiders believe that the impact of rising oil prices on the chemical fiber industry is more direct. For example, the rise in the prices of raw materials such as ethylene glycol, polyester chips, polyester, nylon and so on is entirely driven by costs. If the increased costs cannot be effectively transferred out, the relevant enterprises will face an extremely difficult situation

coating industry. Since late November, domestic paint and coating prices have increased by 5% - 10%. Most of the raw materials in the paint and coating industry are petrochemical products, which are greatly affected by the fluctuation of international crude oil prices. Recently, due to the obvious rise in the prices of major raw materials, such as chemical solvents, synthetic resins, titanium dioxide, etc., the prices of paints and coatings of various brands have increased across the board. Industry insiders predict that with the rise of international oil prices, the cost of accelerating the construction of Yangpu and Haikou inbound railways and key construction interior coating enterprises of Haikou and Sanya highway freight transportation will continue to rise

experts remind relevant chemical enterprises to prepare for the "cold" as soon as possible

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