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The pressure of high oil prices on the downstream chemical industry is relatively small.

Monita analysts published a research report that the fluctuation of oil prices is closely related to the profits of the chemical industry. When the oil price rises above $85, the gross profit margin of the basic chemical industry and chemical raw material industry will decline, while the downstream chemical industry is relatively affected by the high oil price. 7. Round sample clamping diameter: Φ 10- Φ 32mm is small, so from this point of view, the downstream chemical industry has greater investment opportunities

recently, crude oil prices have been rising, and NYMEX crude oil prices once rose to $87/barrel. Affected by this, the prices of BDO and other chemical products, including applicable materials: Metallic and non-metallic materials, are rising significantly. In terms of sub sectors, the price of pure benzene increased by 2.7% to 7500 yuan/ton; Polyethylene increased by 3.18%; Bisphenol A increased by 4.08%; BDO rose by 2.76%, reaching 16750 yuan/ton, and has risen for the fifth consecutive week

as we all know, environmental protection is the life of enterprises. The main raw materials of chemical products are oil and coal. Therefore, oil price fluctuations are closely related to the profits of the chemical industry. Analysts pointed out that before 2005, when crude oil rose from $35/barrel to $60/barrel, the gross profit margin of the basic chemical and chemical raw material industries generally showed an upward trend, that is, the rise of crude oil prices played a positive role; When the price continues to rise to $85/barrel, the positive transmission of raw material prices is blocked, and the gross profit margin of its related industries decreases

analysts believe that if the crude oil price in the second quarter can be maintained at the full digital, three closed-loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system barrel with adaptive PID algorithm adopted by the dollar/host control system, and there is a possibility of rising in the short term, the probability of improving the profits of the basic chemical raw materials industry in the middle of the chemical industry chain in the second quarter will be reduced. The reasons are: on the one hand, most of these industries are bulk raw materials with strong homogeneity and low price elasticity; On the other hand, there are widespread phenomena of low concentration and serious overcapacity in the industry. Last year, the growth rate of fixed asset investment in the industry was as high as 25%, which worsened the current situation of production capacity and reduced the bargaining power of related products. If, in the process of rising raw material prices, the ability of relevant enterprises to transfer costs is not strong, their profit space may be compressed

according to the above logic, analysts believe that the downstream sub industry of chemical industry, which is closer to the consumer end of the market, is relatively more attractive for investment. For example, in the engineering plastics industry, its profit improvement directly benefits from downstream demand, and the closer it is to the end consumer varieties, the more obvious the price rise of plastic products will be. In addition, analysts pointed out that short-term fluctuations in product prices only bring short-term trading opportunities, while products with a good supply and demand structure will not be affected by overcapacity, and their ability to resist downward price risks is also strong. Therefore, analysts are optimistic about industries with relatively clear supply and demand and good capacity structure, such as chemical fiber raw materials and polyurethane related products

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