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Since the company implemented the energy-saving transformation strategy, the energy-saving team has cooperated closely and made innovations, and has made outstanding achievements in the industrial and municipal fields. Although the road of energy saving is far away, the prospect is bright. 1、 Power plant Yuzhou Energy Co., Ltd., a supercritical direct air-cooled unit power plant, stands in the gateway of Beijing and the mountain city of Zhangjia outside the Great Wall. Since our company implemented the energy-saving transformation strategy, the energy-saving team has cooperated closely and made innovations with determination, and has made outstanding achievements in the industrial and municipal fields. Although the road of energy conservation is far away, the prospect is bright

I. power plant

Yuzhou Energy Co., Ltd., a supercritical direct air cooling unit power plant, stands at the gate of Beijing and the great wall of Zhangjiakou, a mountain city beyond the Great Wall, and plays an important role in the energy security of Hebei Province

knock on the gate of circulating water pump room, and there is a "crackling" sound. This is not the normal rotation sound of the motor or the normal movement sound of the water flow, but the annoying sound of cavitation in the pump. As a result, several pump impellers have been damaged, seriously threatening the safety and reliability of production. Shanghai Kaiquan energy saving team flew to the site and found that the purchase parameters proposed by the design unit were improper and the pump and pipeline system did not match; Poor design and installation of inlet pipeline and disordered flow pattern; In addition, the local atmospheric pressure is lower than the normal value, and the pump runs with serious cavitation

Shanghai Kaiquan replaces the original pump with a customized kqsn-s low cavitation pump; Customized inlet reducer to improve inlet flow pattern and reduce vortex loss; The floor stand, shaft extension and other components are non-standard design, and can be used and installed without moving the motor and inlet and outlet pipelines

after the installation and operation of the new pump, the flow is smooth, the sound is steady, the "crackling" sound is disappeared, the cavitation performance is fully improved, and the production hidden dangers are eliminated. At the same time, the water volume and pressure are moderately increased to meet the needs of increasing production, and the operating power is reduced. Based on the calculation of water energy consumption per ton, the power saving rate is 12.6%, 48.8 kwh per hour, 391000 kwh per year, 117.3 tons of standard coal, 79.7 tons of carbon dust, 319 tons of CO2, 9.2 tons of SO2 and 4.7 tons of NOx; The transformation can be described as "one stone, two birds, one stone, two vultures", injecting vitality into this ancient land

before the rectification

after the rectification

II. Water plant

a water service Co., Ltd. in Hebei Provincial Economic and Technological Development Zone and Shanghai Kaiquan pump industry (Group) Co., Ltd. signed a water pump capacity increase and energy saving transformation contract in 2020, which was strictly implemented. Shanghai Kaiquan provided technical solutions, installation solutions, complete sets of equipment, installation and after-sales services

as the saying goes, a good horse is equipped with a good saddle, and a good pump is equipped with a good valve; The pumps and motors of international famous brands were originally used here, but the equipped hydraulic control valve shows an disharmonious impact sound, which increases unnecessary energy consumption

the transformation plan is to replace the pump, motor, valve, reducer and variable frequency control cabinet as a whole, which greatly reduces the resistance and greatly increases the flow, while the power consumption is lower than 7. The displacement resolution (mm):0.0025mm; According to the calculation of energy consumption per ton of water, the power saving rate is 39.5%, the power saving rate per hour is 90.8 degrees, the annual power saving is 726000 dry lines and one waste line, the annual saving of standard coal is 218.0 tons, and the emission of carbon dust is reduced. 1 the high frequency fatigue tester is mainly used to measure the fatigue performance of metal materials and components under tension, compression or tension compression alternating loads by 48.2 tons, reduce CO2 emissions by 592.9 tons, reduce SO2 emissions by 17.1 tons, and reduce NOx emissions by 8.8 tons; The transformation has achieved the economic and technical effect agreed in the contract, and the source of clean water is slowly pumping into thousands of households; The transformation of international famous brands has undoubtedly greatly enhanced the confidence of Kaiquan people in energy-saving transformation

before rectification

after rectification

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