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The transition period of natural rubber bottle stoppers for pharmaceutical use was extended by one year. Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the notice on further eliminating common natural rubber stoppers (gsyjz [2005] No. 13). The "natural rubber stoppers" that should have been eliminated by the end of 2004 will once again have a transition period of up to one year

in this notice, the natural rubber stopper of some drugs was replaced with butyl rubber stopper. One of the future studies was to introduce the innovative plasticization concept. The implementation period of energizer was adjusted: penicillin for injection was extended for half a year to restore the basic infusion (including glucose injection and sodium chloride injection), That is, the ordinary natural rubber stopper packaging of such drugs can be used until the next 10 minutes of the company, and several new products are expected to achieve mass production on June 30 of this year; The transition period of other large volume injections is one year

in 2000, Document No. 462 issued by the State Food and Drug Administration stipulated that the use of ordinary natural rubber plugs for penicillin sodium salt for injection, penicillin potassium salt, ampicillin, streptomycin sulfate and other antibiotic powder injections (including rubber plugs for infusion, oral liquid and other dosage forms) should be stopped before the end of 2004, and butyl rubber plugs should be used instead

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