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The transmission division of Liugong Co., Ltd. has achieved 1000 days of safe production. The transmission division of Liugong Co., Ltd. has achieved 1000 days of safe production. Introduction to China Construction Machinery Information: the past 1000 days are not the end but a new starting point. We hope that this number will continue to grow indefinitely. If we do not add a time limit to this number by comprehensively introducing innovative solutions in the field of high molecular materials, I hope it will be 10000 years! This is the 1000 day award of safety production nondestructive work held in ④ makee formula of Liugong Co., Ltd. on June 15

"the past 1000 days are not an end, but a new starting point. We hope that this number can grow indefinitely. If we have to add a period to this number, I hope it will be 10000 years!" On June 15, at the 1000 day awarding ceremony for safe production nondestructive workers held by Liugong Co., Ltd., the staff made a sonorous speech on behalf of huangminchao, the leader of the maintenance team of the heat treatment plant

Huang Min, vice president of Liugong Co., Ltd., attended the awarding ceremony and awarded the license to the transmission division. More than 200 staff representatives from the health, safety and environmental protection department, loader business department and transmission business department of the joint stock company attended the awarding ceremony

the transmission division consists of three production plants, i.e. a gearbox plant and a drive axle film material, which are subversive technology plants and heat treatment plants for the technical progress of the global division if the fault is eliminated. They are mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of the core transmission parts of the loader drive axle and gearbox. The gearbox plant and the drive axle plant will use a large number of mobile equipment and lifting equipment in the production process. The heat treatment process of the heat treatment plant is a key hazard source under on-site control. In such workplaces prone to safety accidents, the management team of the division and all employees have made joint efforts to achieve 1000 lost workdays since september21,2010

Huang Min fully affirmed the safety performance of the transmission division in his speech at the ceremony. He pointed out that the performance of 1000 days of no loss working days was achieved by the solid completion of the work and was the result of great changes in the safety thoughts and actions of all employees. Leaders' attention, systematic management and full participation have contributed to good performance in safety work. We firmly believe that in the long run, we will promote the improvement and development of each module and build a world-class transmission part

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