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The pace of advantageous capacity release and transformation was accelerated. In August, Shandong's economy continued to maintain a steady and sound development trend

since July, with the intensification of environmental protection supervision, chemical safety inspection, urban renovation of air pollution transmission channels, coal reduction and substitution, and financial risk prevention and control, the growth rate of some indicators such as industry and investment in our province has slowed down. However, the fundamentals of stable economic operation have not changed, market relations have been further improved, advantageous production capacity has been further released, the pace of transformation has been further accelerated, and development confidence has been further enhanced

most of the annual output value is 10 billion yuan

the growth rate of energy consumption continues to fall. In the whole 3D printing process from January to August, the monthly industrial energy consumption above designated size increased by 1.9% from January to July to decreased by 0.1%. Among them, the energy consumption of the six high energy consuming industries increased by 0.2%, 2.4 percentage points lower than that from January to July. The energy structure has been continuously optimized. From January to August, new energy power generation reached 15.79 billion kwh, an increase of 15.7%, 13.0 percentage points higher than the growth rate of power generation in the province. Among them, wind power generation increased by 13.0%, solar power generation increased by 105.2%, and waste incineration power generation increased by 10.8%

implement the most stringent environmental protection and safety production regulation, optimize and green the industrial structure, and effectively release the medium and high-end production capacity. According to the social and public opinion survey, 98.44% of the respondents believe that environmental protection measures have brought about significant improvement in the environment. From January to August, the added value of equipment industry increased by 11.0%, 4.0 percentage points faster than that of industries above designated size. The service industry developed well, with an investment of 1717.22 billion yuan, an increase of 16.1%, accounting for 49.1% of the fixed asset investment, an increase of 3.3 percentage points year-on-year. Among them, investment in Internet and related services, business services, capital market services and other industries increased by 83.3%, 26.8% and 46.4% respectively

in addition, the added value of high-tech industries increased by 10.9%, 3.9 percentage points higher than that of industries above designated size. New products grew rapidly. The output of industrial robots, photovoltaic cells, water pollution control equipment, urban rail vehicles, new energy vehicles and other products increased by 24.4%, 42.9%, 58.4%, 131.0% and 147.6% respectively. New business forms are booming, and the retail sales of physical goods continue to accelerate, with a monthly growth of 39.3%, 1.3 percentage points higher than that of the month, and 30.5 percentage points higher than the retail sales of units above the designated size

actively resolve low-end excess capacity and severely rectify illegal enterprises, which has also further improved the relationship between market supply and demand. In August, the ex factory prices and purchase prices of industrial producers rose by 1.0% and 0.8% month on month, respectively, 0.9 and 0.7 percentage points higher than that of the previous month. From January to August, the ex factory prices and purchase prices of industrial producers rose by 5.5% and 7.6% respectively. The demand for consumption upgrading has expanded steadily, and the import has a strong pulling effect

some leading indicators continued to improve. In August, the national manufacturing PMI was 51.7%, the second highest in the year; The non manufacturing business activity index was 53.4%, which continued to expand. In line with the height of the market prosperity, the freight and other indicators continued to maintain rapid growth until they broke the customs. In June, the highway and waterway freight volume of the whole province increased by 19.7%, which was the same as that of the month; The port throughput increased by 5.6%, 0.4 percentage points higher than that of the previous month

it is worth mentioning that while unswervingly promoting green and low-carbon economic development, our province has done everything possible to stabilize employment and prices. At the end of August, 938000 new urban jobs were created, 85.3% of the annual plan. Among them, 811000 people were employed per unit, an increase of 6.6%. In June, consumer prices rose by 1.5% year-on-year, and "seven rises and one drop" occurred in eight categories of commodities, of which food prices fell by 0.5%. In August, consumer prices rose significantly, up 0.7% month on month and 1.7% year on year

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