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Newspaper transformation needs to be integrated and developed

[China Packaging News] the situation of newspaper development is becoming more and more severe. According to the data, there were 1918 kinds of newspapers publicly issued in China in 2012, which plummeted to 1821 in 2013; In 2013, the amount of newspaper advertising in China decreased by 8.1%, continuing the decline trend of the previous year and increasing the decline range. In 2014, the people's international finance newspaper was changed from a weekly newspaper to a weekly newspaper, and evening news, Jingbao and Tiantian new news were suspended successively, causing an uproar in the industry. Is the way for newspapers to survive really exhausted? In my opinion, it may not be so. Since April this year, Alibaba has cooperated with a number of domestic metropolis newspapers to launch online shopping service with the help of the latter's strong channel penetration ability, which has caused the industry to revalue the value of newspapers. Through this case, we can see that in the Internet era when the living space of newspapers is sharply compressed, if newspapers are deeply integrated with emerging media, their development prospects are still broad

technological progress promotes newspaper transformation

as early as the 1960s, Marshall McLuhan, a famous Canadian communication pioneer, put forward in his book understanding the media: any impact of any media (that is, any extension of people) on individuals and society is due to new behavior standards; Any extension of us (or any new technology) must introduce a new behavior scale into our affairs

in terms of the development process of newspapers, people were more accustomed to reading in the early days of the birth of newspapers, so the main media form words in books became the main part of the contents of newspapers; The text structure of a newspaper has developed from a running account to an inverted pyramid structure, which is made possible by telegraph technology; Similarly, the so-called "newspaper Picture Reading Era" is also the result of the continuous development of photography technology, especially color photography technology. Therefore, the progress of digital technology forces newspapers to transform to get rid of the difficulties they face, which is essentially consistent with the changes between the above stages

at present, there is a consensus in the industry on the urgent transformation of newspapers, but there are different opinions on how and where to turn. The author believes that the key is how to treat the nature of newspapers as a piece of paper or a media. The former emphasizes the characteristics of the medium, while the latter emphasizes its fundamental task. If we consider from its fundamental task, the purpose of newspaper communication is to build a unified social public opinion field, and then affect the development and development of social public opinion, our thinking will be much broader. As long as the newspaper does not give up its fundamental task of building a social public opinion field, integrates with the new means brought by new technologies, and makes the best use of new technologies and new means to jointly build a new public opinion field, it will become the full connotation of the newspaper transformation

no matter any local newspaper based in a certain region, its regional and proximity are decisive in its influence composition. Local newspapers have unparalleled influence among local people, which is not only reflected in the local reports, but also in the national and even global events. Readers will be more concerned about how local newspapers report, as well as the emerging media. For example, the national newspaper has never been able to land, while the Henan Newspaper has been able to prosper in Henan Province. It is precisely because the national newspaper is difficult to meet the regional and proximity needs of readers everywhere that makes the Henan newspaper have a huge space for survival and development. This demand of readers provides the local powerful media with the possibility and rare opportunity to develop their own new media

building an all media matrix to achieve integrated development

Dahe newspaper, as the city newspaper with the largest circulation in the Central Plains, has a huge readership and enjoys a high reputation. According to the concept of integrated development, Dahe Daily has put forward the business strategies of big market, big readers, big communication, big promotion and big platform, and built an all media matrix covering various media forms. The core of the matrix is to take the audience as the center, content as the leading, technology as the driving force, and expand the audience coverage with diversified and three-dimensional content products by pursuing a variety of media forms and communication channels. The all media matrix of Dahe news includes paper Dahe news, Dahe news, Dahe news client, Dahe news Sina official microblog, and Dahe news (Tencent) community publishing hall composed of Dahe news Tencent official microblog, Dahe news public platform, Dahe news micro vision, etc

the predecessor of Dahe Daily is Dahe community, which was launched in 2010. It is positioned as a large-scale network interaction platform for life, information, consumption and service. It aims to add electronic universal experimental machine fixtures to closely cooperate with all, special issues and advertising pages of Dahe Daily, provide readers and the public with a platform for newspaper interaction and exchange, reflect the concept of new Dahe, new image and new service, and become a bridge and link between newspapers and readers. In 2013, Dahe community was upgraded to Dahe newspaper, which became the official station of Dahe newspaper

Dahe Daily is the first portal station in Henan. In july2011, Dahe news and Henan Unicom jointly launched Dahe? Wo 3G life portal has filled the gap of Henan local mobile Internet and occupied the commanding height of future mobile Internet development. It was upgraded to Dahe Daily in August, 2013. The station aims to provide the most convenient, practical and timely life consumption services for Dahe newspaper readers and local mobile Internet users by using Dahe newspaper's rich channels, contents and marketing resources

Dahe Daily client is the core product of Dahe Daily's all media matrix and an intelligent application integrating information and life services. After its launch in August, 2013, through a series of activities such as city wide code scanning month, Dahe newspaper marketing competition, my Dahe my year, as well as the combined marketing of online and offline, campus, operators, pre installation and other channels, Dahe newspaper client has now exceeded 600000 downloads, of which active users account for 45.9%. Relying on the collection and editing resources and online and offline resources of Dahe news, Dahe news client can achieve timely interaction, newspaper interaction and three-dimensional communication: it can ensure that Dahe news can speak at the first time on major events through push; The function of all-weather live broadcast room can complete the live graphic live broadcast of events through one; By using two-dimensional code technology, newspapers can break through the limitations of paper media in terms of content form and transmission time, so as to realize newspaper integration; Through video, audio, Atlas, text and other content forms, three-dimensional communication is realized. At this year's two sessions in Henan Province, the Dahe newspaper client became the only client on the security intelligent terminal for the people's Congress, and broadcast the two sessions live on the mobile terminal for the first time

at present, the official Weibo of Dahe news Sina has more than 3.86 million followers, and its influence has been in the forefront of the official Weibo of local media for a long time. In January this year, Dahe news Sina official wechat cooperated with the newspaper to launch an interactive survey on whether the purchase of cars should be restricted, whether the right to have holidays should be delegated, whether Zhengzhou road names should be unified, and whether sports should be included in the college entrance examination scores. Friends actively participated in the survey. Each survey had more than 10000 readers and more than 100 participants, which also provided a large number of real and vivid materials for newspaper reports

the community publishing Hall of Dahe Daily (Tencent) is a fully functional and life communication micro platform jointly created by Dahe Daily and Tencent. It is a micro portal that conforms to the characteristics of micro communication, a powerful combination of a powerful Internet communication platform and high-quality information of institutions, and an innovative and integrated form of life information media. Relying on the distribution channel of Dahe newspaper, the editing team and the government microblog, the community publishing office has established a regional community network covering Zhengzhou and even Henan, opened up the channels of Tencent's microblog, and micro vision products, established a microblog matrix by relying on microblog, established a community TV station by relying on micro vision, and established a matrix by relying on. Effective information integration and convenient release have been carried out, multi-dimensional livelihood information channels of media, citizens, government and networking platforms have been built, Zhengzhou and Henan have been built, and a win-win situation has been achieved

Dahe Daily was officially launched in 2013, including 13 columns such as top list, Hu spicy file and Henan encyclopedia. At present, the number of fans has reached 108000, with a maximum of 210000 daily clicks, an average of nearly 117000 clicks, and an average of 3000 participants. In the online event independently planned by Dahe newspaper, Dahe Jun real person wake-up service is worth having; If I meet you in Zhengzhou and look for Zheng Zai's memory, the average daily voice interaction alone will reach 11700 times. Next, Dahe Daily will take the official account as the center, collect more than 20 registered sub accounts of Dahe food fashion, Dahe real estate, Dahe tourism, Dahe home, etc., and join hands to form a matrix

through the above-mentioned new media platforms, the high-quality content collected by the collection and editing team of Dahe Daily is processed in the central kitchen with the help of the all media collection system, and provides users and readers with timely, comprehensive, three-dimensional and rich information products anytime and anywhere. These highly interactive new media platforms can also obtain clues, master social conditions and public opinion through friends' comments, messages, private letters, etc., and provide the most vivid materials for reports. Graeme Herlihy, general manager of "all media" Engel Western Europe, said that different media forms in the matrix complement and interact with each other, blend with each other, and have strong coverage, forming a joint force and building a new unified field of public opinion

realizing real integration still needs further exploration

for newspapers, following the development trend and trend of the media industry, exploring and accumulating early, and unswervingly embarking on the development path of all media integration, wearable equipment needs high-performance materials with fashionable appearance, comfortable touch, and easy design and processing, which are both wise and necessary for long-term survival and development. However, in order to achieve real integration and overcome the two skin problems of newspapers and new media, it is necessary to really get through and integrate from the development concept, institutional setting, evaluation system and other aspects. Dahe newspaper has also made some explorations in this regard

first, the concept of development. Dahe Daily has established the new media development concept of mutual fusion and mutual powder. The so-called mutual fusion is to open up the internal operation mechanism; Mutual pollination is the borrowing of the concept of micro blog. Newspapers and new media must complement each other's advantages and share resources, so as to achieve common prosperity and win-win results. Dahe newspaper takes newspaper as the core, and other media are positively related to this core. The views presented by all forms of media are the views of newspapers. The contents of newspapers are sent to various forms of media according to their respective suitable carriers. The feedback received by all media can be used as the information source of newspapers, so that all media can be integrated with the core of newspapers

second, mechanism setting. In may2013, based on the original digital media department, Dahe newspaper integrated the new media business of the whole newspaper and officially established the new media center. The center is not only responsible for the operation of existing products and the development of new products, but also undertakes the important task of exploring new ideas and models for paper media to establish new media. At present, Dahe Daily has nearly 40 new media operation teams. The new media center of Dahe Daily has established a relatively perfect operation system: it releases updates in three shifts in the morning, noon and evening throughout the day to ensure rapid response to major issues; Multi person information collection and special person information release ensure that there is no blind area for monitoring and the release quality is stable; Multiple reviews of important information should be carried out to ensure the political control of content. At the same time, the new media center of Dahe Daily has also established an efficient and low-risk relationship with the editing department of Dahe Daily

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