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Great changes in printing equipment

the inconspicuous gray box in the past repeatedly handled some boring black-and-white printing work in the office. Now it has undergone considerable changes

thanks to advanced design, electronic and ink technology, the latest printing equipment can scan, fax and output color documents and photos. These multi-function machines can replace some single function machines, reduce the complexity of operation and save office space

these advances are particularly evident in the production of inkjet printers. With the continuous introduction of new machines in the market, the market price continues to decline. A year ago, it cost more than a thousand dollars to buy a multifunction printer. Now it costs only a few hundred dollars

however, the total cost should also be considered when purchasing printers. Although some machines are not expensive, their ink consumption may be astonishing. Therefore, it is very important to check the total cost of machine consumables when purchasing machines

now, the machine design is more and more convenient for users. One of its new features is wireless connection. Office printer sharing no longer requires an Ethernet connection, but can be directly connected via Wi Fi. This brings a lot of convenience to small offices or working groups, where staff can share other resources wirelessly

here are a few newly launched Wi Fi wireless multi-function inkjet machines:

hp Officejet Pro 8500

HP's newly launched multi-function inkjet machine adds a series of practical functions, which are attractive for small offices or workgroups. All functions can be operated through a row of buttons or a 3.4-inch color touch screen display according to the manufacturer's feedback

hp Officejet Pro 8500 adds wi - fi connectivity about a specific system to facilitate wireless networking in the office or home

reliable printing performance, black-and-white printing, only 6 seconds for one piece, and 15 seconds for color; Photo quality comparable to professional image printers. Digital sending software, which can instantly scan, manage and share files; It is equipped with a 3.45 inch touch LCD as standard. Other functions include the camera memory card slot and the easy to access USB terminal. If there is no ideological change port, it is convenient to connect the laptop and provide fast printing conditions

epson Stylus Photo tx800fw

when the office selects a printer, it is necessary to select the machine according to the nature of work. If it is occasionally necessary to print photos at work, the output quality of a machine becomes a key factor

tx800fw can not only output high-quality color photos, but also handle a large number of files and words with ease. At the same time, it is a multi-function device, which integrates copying, scanning and fax functions. This product, known as the light and shadow cube, integrates the design concepts of curve, simplicity, light and shadow, and ultra-thin into one. It is natural and integrates the most popular touch-screen control at present. It has a full sense of technology

epson Stylus Photo tx800fw is equipped with wireless network connection function (i.e. WiFi function) as standard. With the popularity of more and more devices supporting wireless network, such as notebooks and notebooks, wireless connection of office equipment is also used more and more, which is consistent with the new office equipment of Epson

brother MFC 6490c Ashland: economic transformation poses a challenge to the composite industry w

if you often need to print A3 format materials in your work, brother's MFC 6490CW all-in-one machine will be a good choice for you

this large multi-functional inkjet machine (nearly 50m wide and 15kg weight) can print A3 format black-and-white and color on demand. Of course, it can also process A4 media and any size of photo paper. The 3.3-inch color LCD screen, clear buttons and wireless connection facilitate the operation of the machine

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