The simple decoration style of the post-80s genera

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With a string of happy firecrackers, my hard decoration finally came to an end. This also means that my pocket is completely empty. The decoration is really bottomless. You can invest as much money as you have &hellip& hellip; Because I didn't have money to buy furniture, I used my little money to add a sofa to the living room and lived in it. Soft decoration will be added slowly in the future. One's life is very free, but considering reducing repeated investment, I'd better try to add as few things as possible &hellip& hellip;

after the dust settles, look back and have a look at the road they have gone through in decoration. There are successes and regrets, and they are often the same strong. Therefore, most people who install themselves see their own shortcomings a little more, which is really the deep responsibility of love

computer room and restaurant

golden ship doors and windows

open the shutter to breathe

Jiaji doors and windows




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