When summer comes, closing doors and windows prope

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Many people think that it's cool to open doors and windows in summer, but it's not. During the day, the outdoor air temperature is high, the doors and windows are wide open, and the sunlight and thermal radiation attack the interior with bursts of hot air, which will make the interior and exterior become generally hot. If you open the doors and windows to ventilate when it is cool in the morning and evening and let the air circulate, and close the doors and windows during the day, especially at noon, to isolate the invasion of outdoor hot air, and pull light colored curtains to block sunlight and reflect heat radiation, you can make the room cooler

greening the balcony courtyard, planting trees and flowers, not only has high ornamental value, but also plays a role in regulating the microclimate, which will make the air fresh, cool and pleasant. Because green plants can not only shade, but also cool down by evaporating water from the leaves. Some data show that planting some flowers and plants on the courtyard balcony can reduce the indoor temperature by 2 ℃ ~ 4 ℃

after wiping the floor indoors with a wet mop, turn on the ceiling fan to evaporate and absorb heat; You can also put a basin of cold water in front of the fan and turn on the fan to evaporate the water out of the cool wind. In this way, the room temperature can be reduced




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