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There are many brands of whole house customization. When choosing whole house customization, what problems should we pay attention to as consumers? Rafael's whole house customization speaks for you

nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the living standard of home, and the demand for furniture is also increasing. With the efficient use of home space, whole house customization can fully reflect the personalized needs of consumers, and has become a more popular way of home decoration at present. There are more and more kinds of customization in the whole house, from bookcases, wardrobes, cabinets, wine cabinets, side cabinets to TV cabinets, balcony cabinets, etc., which can be customized according to the preferences of consumers, the size of the room and the overall home style

there are many brands of whole house customization. When choosing whole house customization, what should we pay attention to as consumers

from the perspective of consumers, they may first care about the price of whole house customization. Compared with finished furniture, the price of whole house customization is certainly not low. Its price is generally calculated according to the two pricing methods of projected area and unfolded area. Specifically, the total price can be calculated according to the plates and hardware accessories you choose. Moreover, the customization of the whole house requires door-to-door measurement, separate design and other processes. From the beginning of decoration, the overall planning is considered. From style, pattern, material selection, color matching to the design planning of details, the budget can be controlled to a certain extent

furniture is one of the things that people get along with day and night. In addition to caring about the price, we should also pay more attention to the environmental protection of boards, because it is not only related to the quality of furniture, but also closely related to the health and life comfort of the whole family for decades, which can be said to be of great importance. At present, there are three standards of plate grade E0, E1 and E2 in the market, which are environmental protection standards of formaldehyde emission limit grade. When we choose to customize the whole house, we should choose environmental protection plates that meet the national testing standards

in this era of looking at the face, consumers will also pay attention to the appearance of products. If the appearance is novel enough, it can instantly attract attention. Therefore, to a large extent, personal hobbies and aesthetics determine the transaction volume of the whole house customization. I like this reason that it is difficult to buy a thousand dollars. Nowadays, whole house customization enterprises pay special attention to design and research and development of new products, so as to produce more whole house customization products that consumers love

as an ordinary consumer, it is important to buy the product you want, but its practicality and functionality are also crucial. For some special house types, irregular walls or positions with beams and columns, the whole house customization can make a perfect plan that meets the user's space utilization according to the needs of consumers and door-to-door measurement, which saves more space and greatly improves the utilization rate of space

therefore, when choosing the customized decoration of the whole house, in addition to the price, it is also worth paying attention to whether the appearance style of the product is favored by consumers, whether the plate selection is environmentally friendly, and whether it is practical and functional

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