Decorator 29 turned into a wedding room

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At present, many young people who are ready to get married have turned their attention to relatively cheap second-hand houses due to the high price of commercial housing. However, due to the relatively old buildings, many second-hand houses are not only very narrow, but also the layout is very unreasonable. This case is a very obvious example: the area of the suite is only 29 square meters, and except for the toilet partition wall, it is all load-bearing walls, which can not change the pattern at all

usable area: 29 square meters

house type characteristics: old house renovation

decoration style: Southeast Asia

resident population: young couples

project cost: 16000 yuan project duration: 2 months

main decorative materials: wall surface: wall paint floor: slate top surface: paint

old small space skillfully make new articles

Southeast Asia

the new owner of this house is a young couple about to get married, This house will also be used as the wedding house for newlyweds. In addition to meeting the basic use functions, the owner also hopes to use the decoration to reflect the style of "youth without losing composure, simplicity without losing warmth"

Southeast Asia

due to the small use area, after full communication with the owner, the designer first considers how to arrange the space pattern. The overall idea of the designer is to try to make each functional area "borrow" space from each other, and do not do any substantive functional segmentation

Southeast Asia

first of all, the designer knocked down a door connecting window and the wall under the window that originally entered the door, and made an arc-shaped dumb mouth by using part of the load-bearing wall next to the window and the concrete beam above, so that the restaurant and living room remained transparent, while increasing the daylighting of the restaurant and the permeability of the overall space

Southeast Asia

second, the designer removed and changed the doors and windows of the original balcony, effectively utilized the area of the balcony, and became an organic part of the indoor space. A kind of anticorrosive wood used outdoors was used to make a small leisure area distinguished by the terrace

Southeast Asia

third, between the living room and the bedroom, the designer arranged a semi transparent partition to distinguish the functional zones of the living room and the bedroom, while also ensuring that the bedroom has a certain degree of privacy




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