The door and window industry is facing new changes

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The door and window industry is facing new changes in the future

no one can say clearly what the future of the door and window industry will be, which means that everyone must create a new future by themselves. At present, no door and window manufacturer can determine the changes and trends of the whole industrial pattern in the next few years, but three basic new changes and trends can be confirmed

first, from the perspective of development speed, the industry as a whole has entered the channel of low growth, even stagflation. Although some large enterprises can maintain double-digit growth, the growth of the entire industry is difficult to reproduce the trend of the past few years

second, from the perspective of competitive means, a single price war, even channel war and promotion war, are not enough to change and promote industrial reform and stimulate consumer demand. Door and window manufacturers must find and establish new means of ignition

third, from the perspective of consumer demand, the appetite of consumers in the whole market is more diversified and differentiated, and the boutique strategy of door and window manufacturers will also face new modifications

of course, for all door and window manufacturers, one of the biggest challenges is that the entire industrial operation has entered the stage of "low profits, even meager profits, small profits", and a large number of commercial speculation will be cleared out. The entry threshold is facing new improvement. On the surface, the sales scale and sales volume are the dominant threshold; From the perspective of development, operational capacity, especially profitability, will be a hidden new threshold

fight again with a "zero mentality"

transformation and upgrading is really not talking about it, but thinking about it in your heart, but that all door and window manufacturers must really do it! All door and window manufacturers, whether large or small, strong or weak, are standing at a new crossroads of development. They must make a choice as soon as possible whether to go or stay. In the next few years, it is doomed that the operation and development of the door and window industry will not be easy and smooth. Especially for many weak people, it is difficult to support their families if there is a slight difference

under the current market environment, some door and window manufacturers still have the initiative to choose. Next, with the deepening and deepening of adjustment and reform, most manufacturers have to be eliminated. In particular, it will be normal for a large number of manufacturers and retailers with weak comprehensive operation ability to operate the market completely relying on the old methods, models and ideas of 10 years ago

the door and window industry may face three new changes in the future, but the future development is still unknown. In the process of transformation and upgrading, door and window enterprises really can't just talk and think about it. They need to have their own good position, create a new starting point for the enterprise, operate the enterprise with a "zero mentality" at an appropriate time, and win the first opportunity for the enterprise to win on the future development path




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