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Leading the concept of industrial robots, Xinyuan Technology first promoted the five industrial robots of "intelligence +"

on March 26, 2019, Beijing Wanxiang Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd. (Xinyuan Technology, stock code 300472) held a strategic upgrading and new product launch of industrial robots in Beijing, clearly announcing the new mission of embracing the new era of artificial intelligence and becoming a leader in industrial robots, And launched five industrial robot solutions at one go, including the power system integrated intelligent inspection system for the power system - Dianbao, the intelligent media content monitoring system for live broadcast content supervision - Shibao, the IDC data center operation and maintenance auxiliary system for IDC data center operation and maintenance - Weibo, and the road intelligent detection system for the transportation industry - Lubao, For the security industry, Ningbo International Trade Promotion took advantage of the exhibition to develop the cohesion patrol robot system - Anbao for new materials

as the focus of global innovation drive, from the United States, Germany, China, to the United Kingdom, France, Japan, a series of policy release, technology research and development and industry, its experimental speed will also be relatively low. Major countries in the world will place artificial intelligence at the core of national strategies. Since 2017, Premier Li Keqiang has mentioned artificial intelligence in the government work report of the two sessions for three consecutive years. This year, the two sessions clearly put forward that industrialization is expected to be achieved by the end of this year: building an industrial Internet platform, expanding intelligence +, and enabling the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Ma Huateng, Robin Lee, Liu Qingfeng, Yang Guoqiang and other entrepreneur representatives from Internet, artificial intelligence and traditional industries have made suggestions for intelligence + one after another. Artificial intelligence, through man-machine coupling and deep integration with industry knowledge, is becoming the mainstream path of the development of enabling industries

Xinyuan technology has been committed to solving industrial problems with high-tech forces because of its high requirements for materials. Zhu Yesheng, chairman of Xinyuan Technology, said that since its establishment in 2003, Xinyuan technology has provided customers with comprehensive solutions of automatic equipment, intelligent control and information management. In recent years, with the maturity and application of sensor, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, many industries hope to use intelligent robots to replace people to solve the shortcomings and problems of the industry. The robots in the electric, video, maintenance, road and safety industries released by Xinyuan Technology this time are just launched to solve the pain points of customers in the industry. For example, the power system integrated intelligent inspection system robot - Dianbao is a robot solution designed to assist inspectors to complete data collection, summary and analysis for various station area inspection work in the power system, so as to help professional inspectors free from high repetition and low growth work

Zhu Yesheng said that we have just started to make automatic production technology solutions for industrial enterprises step by step. With the development of technology, industrial production must be more intelligent. Sensor technology, detection technology, interconnection technology, including big data, cloud computing, etc. the synchronous development of these technologies will promote the company to move from automation to more intelligent direction

nowadays, the focus from intellectualization to artificial intelligence is based on the fact that the whole industry has developed in the direction of replacing people with intelligent machines in the past threeorfour years. Our current strategic upgrading conforms to the development of science and technology and the guidance of national policies

in addition, the conditions of the company just cater to this general direction. From the perspective of the reserve of technicians, the professional level of technicians, including academic qualifications and experience, we can say that there are not many companies that can reach our level. 90% of the company's employees have college degrees or above, and nearly 20% have graduate degrees or above. The academic qualifications are constantly optimized every year, and the academic structure is also constantly optimized. In terms of professional configuration, there are many professionals related to artificial intelligence, and many companies have professionals related to technology, mechanical design, automation control and software development. In terms of industry, the company has specialized talents in the automotive industry, tire and rubber industry, coal industry, construction industry, and electroplating industry

the company has also been expanding its industrial applications. Robots are involved in many fields, including power, railway, grain, and security inspection. The robots we released this time, including our high-end intelligent large screen, will be unified on the general platform of artificial intelligence robots

Xinyuan Technology focuses on intelligent manufacturing, and our direction has always been to be smarter and smarter. What makes us different is that we provide customized solutions to different customers according to the application needs of different industries

it is understood that Xinyuan technology has a solid foundation to embrace the new era of artificial intelligence and become the strategic upgrade of the industry's robot leader. First of all, over the past ten years, Xinyuan technology has built a domestic leading and world-class modern and intelligent high-end manufacturing base, application testing center and R & D center in Beijing, Tianjin, Anhui and Jiangsu. Secondly, Xinyuan technology has reserved a large number of technologies and talents. In terms of related technologies, Xinyuan technology has more than 200 patents and intellectual property rights, and actively absorbs and integrates the advanced technology of well-known universities. It has established a robot and intelligent equipment research and development center in cooperation with the Yangtze River Delta Research Institute of Tsinghua University; The company has more than 900 employees, 70% of whom are R & D technicians, forming an effective professional configuration in artificial intelligence, technology, industry and other fields. Moreover, we will provide first-class products and services to global customers along the the Belt and Road. Service points have been set up in more than 20 countries and regions such as the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea, and a reasonable layout has been formed in the country, which is conducive to the rapid deployment of industrial robots to the market

as the first company in the world to clearly define industrial robots in addition to industrial robots and service robots, Xinyuan Technology chose the industry as a breakthrough based on the intersection of industrial production system or complete industrial chain and various industry segmentation services, resulting in clear needs. In this new market, there are industry barriers, and robot leading companies and leading companies have no time to take into account the competition in the segmented industries. In the past three years, Sgt has achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1 by focusing on mature technologies, real scenes and smart + industry applications. For example, Dianbao robot has been successively put into use in Longtanshan traction substation and Erdos traction substation in Jilin Province, and passed the scientific research review of Shenyang Railway Bureau in 2018, which has the conditions for comprehensive promotion in railway traction power supply system; Anbao robot has been put into use in grain reserve depots in Suzhou, Jiangsu, Hongze, Kunshan, Lianyungang, Hunan Kaihui, etc., and has passed the acceptance successively, initially meeting the conditions for mass production and promotion

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