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Lean manufacturing promotes the new product development revolution of Liming Aero Engine Group

the mission of Liming Aero Engine Group is to transform itself into a lean enterprise combining new thinking, new value and advanced information technology

Shenyang Liming Aero Engine (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liming company"), a state-owned enterprise that has undergone transformation, was founded in 1954. It is China's first jet aircraft engine manufacturing plant and one of China's key engineering projects. Liming company now has more than 10000 employees, and its business scope includes the production and maintenance of aircraft engines, purchased non aviation parts, fuel engines and steel products

Liming company is currently in the process of transformation towards a lean enterprise. In the past, the product development process of this state-owned enterprise was characterized by serial workflow, that is, the use and transfer of paper documents. Moreover, the efficiency of personnel organization is low, and the unified distribution personnel system is adopted; The information technology system is outdated and backward, and lacks coordination. Under the guidance of the lean plan spirit, the management of Liming company began to study the product details of some internationally leading national defense and static steel wire rope horizontal tension testing machines. The steel wire rope horizontal tension testing machines are sensitive and convenient to operate, and the strategy of airlines. They also formulated some specific goals under the lean plan, including achieving better information flow operation throughout the enterprise, optimizing the use of manufacturing resources, reducing product development costs, shortening product development cycles and improving product quality

Liming group is a state-owned company, which is currently striving to transform into a lean enterprise. In the past, the product development of Liming group used the serialized workflow, which was based on the transmission of paper documents. The personnel organization was decentralized, the integration effectiveness was poor, the information technology system was outdated, and the collaboration was poor. According to the spirit of the lean plan, the management of Liming group has been studying the strategies of international leading defense and aviation companies, and has established specific goals in the lean plan, including improving the information flow of enterprises, optimizing the use of manufacturing resources, reducing product development costs, shortening product development cycles and improving product quality

use PLM technology to support the lean concept

the management of Liming company realized that if we want to turn the ideal into reality, we must apply advanced information technology at the same time. This is the reason why Liming company implements the PLM solution of UGS company. Liming's management believes that UGS' PLM solution is the key to ensure the successful transformation of their company. By using enterprise level solutions such as UGS' NX, Teamcenter and tecnomatix, liming has accelerated its transformation process. Xubailin, vice president of Shenyang Liming Aero Engine (Group) Co., Ltd., said: "Liming company knows the value and importance of PLM and digital manufacturing technology for optimizing the process of product life cycle. Liming company has the necessary skills and experience to convert existing market opportunities into capital. PLM solutions can enable us to seize market opportunities, which is very important. UGS company and liming company have a successful cooperation history of more than 10 years, and considering that UGS company is now the best of its kind Outstanding, using open solutions and committed to providing first-class support services to Chinese customers, we believe that UGS is obviously our best PLM partner. "

the project team is mainly composed of employees of Liming company and local and international experts of UGS company, mainly responsible for debugging and implementing PLM solutions. The whole process is divided into several stages. The first is the initial evaluation stage of colorful style personalized customization, which lasts for 4 months. UGS helped Liming company determine the specific requirements of PLM solution at this stage. Then, liming company is responsible for implementing pilot projects in several different places. After the success of the pilot project, liming company began to implement PLM solutions throughout the company. The final completion time is expected to be before the end of 2005. Mr. xubailin said, "we expect that after the completion of this project, our production capacity can be increased by 20% to 50%

transformation has brought results

the new development process of Liming group is based on a single digital product model, which is created with NX in the design stage, and then used for downstream operations, including manufacturing (through the use of tecnomatix software). Teamcenter software provides product knowledge management and collaboration infrastructure, and integrates the rich product and design information of Liming group into a controlled development environment. For example, through the open and integrated environment of this solution, the design work of Shenyang Aero Engine Research Institute can be more closely integrated with the production operations of Liming group

the most obvious benefit brought by the implementation of PLM solution to Liming company is that the speed of information retrieval has become faster; Another advantage is that data sharing becomes more convenient. Both of these benefits are a direct result of replacing previous manufacturing processes with Teamcenter's digital lifecycle management system. In addition, through the implementation of PLM solution, the product development process has also been improved, and this benefit can be measured. For example, the time required to change the design has been reduced by 48%; The process planning time is mentioned in the "notice on Issuing the work guide for the 2017 industrial transformation and upgrading (made in China 2025) fund" recently released by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of Finance: the key direction of the development of new materials in 2017 is the comprehensive standardization of intelligent manufacturing and the utilization of new modes (including the approval cycle), which has been reduced by half, such as when it is found that the oil is seriously turbid and can not be used at ordinary times; Fixture development time is reduced by 51%. After the PLM system is fully implemented, the rest is to integrate the PLM system with the company's enterprise resource planning (ERP) and assembly process planning system. As the infrastructure of new product development plan, PLM technology provided by UGS company is playing an increasingly key role in the transformation process of Liming company towards lean enterprise

◇ challenge

create a lean enterprise

reduce costs

shorten product development cycle

improve quality

◇ solutions

from design to manufacturing, use a single model

use PLM solutions:

· enhance engineering/manufacturing collaboration

· improve the information flow of the whole enterprise

· increase the reuse rate of knowledge

◇ results

information retrieval is faster, Data sharing is more convenient

design change time is shortened by 48%

process planning time (including approval cycle) is shortened by 50%

fixture development time is shortened by 51% (end)

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