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Baotou city takes many measures to improve the product quality of rare earth industry

as an activity of "quality month", recently, the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision held a "Baotou rare earth industry product quality improvement promotion meeting" at Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute

more than 30 people were invited to attend the meeting, including Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute, more than 10 key enterprises in the rare earth industry, more than 10 related enterprises of the northern rare earth group, the enterprise service administration of the rare earth high tech Zone, and the rare earth and high tech industry Bureau of Baotou rare earth high tech Zone

the representatives who participated in the meeting to promote the chain development of non grain bio based materials industry said that this promotion will benefit a lot, clarify the shackles of industry development, clarify the next development direction, and create a way to further improve the product quality of rare earth industry in our city in the future to deal with trade protectionism

as one of the leading industries in the city, after years of development, the rare earth industry has built a relatively complete system with a considerable scale, including mining, beneficiation, smelting and application. Its production and export volume rank among the top in the world, and has made great achievements that have attracted worldwide attention and occupies an important position in the world rare earth market. However, there are still large gaps and some prominent problems between the rare earth industry in our city and the world's advanced level, and the sustainable development is facing severe challenges, such as insufficient environmental protection, low resource utilization, lagging development and application, incomplete manufacturing industry chain, value chain and standard chain, more primary products, less midstream and downstream products, especially in high value-added application products, In China, there are few books that can be completed in sequence after the first set. This requires further strengthening the awareness of quality, legal system and honesty b0.30, promoting quality change, efficiency change and power change, and realizing the effective improvement of quality level

in the future, our city will take the following measures to continue to promote the rare earth industry to carry out quality improvement actions: improve the construction of quality improvement system. Strive to build rare earth Baotou brand group. Actively promote the standardization strategy. Vigorously promote the construction of "one-stop" service platform for enterprise quality improvement. Continuously strengthen quality supervision. Strengthen publicity and mobilization

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