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A leaf of Wutong a newspaper autumn horse tour received 42 more orders

a leaf of Wutong a newspaper autumn horse tour received 42 more orders

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autumn send cool, sweet osmanthus fragrance. On September 22, the steel part 1 chamfering of the Han Ma H7 tour exhibition team with the theme of "I have Han Ma to take the lead in the blue sky" came to Yuanshi County, Shijiazhuang City, a major transportation County, and received 42 orders on site, opening a new height of the Han Ma regional tour exhibition market

Hebei is the core area of Hanma H7 tour. As the most important transportation market in Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang has improved the market recognition of Hanma products through the key promotion in the past two years, but there is still huge room for improvement in sales and share

Wutong Yibao autumn horse tour received 42 more orders

this new product tour aims to give back to our customers with better products and services. On the same day, more than 200 people attended the dinner, including Ge Xiaosheng, assistant general manager of Valin Xingma group, Zheng Huacheng, chairman of Hebei boben Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., Guo Shengjie, general manager of Hebei boben Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., and Shijiazhuang surrounding logistics companies and heavy truck users

as a major logistics province in China, Hebei has a developed logistics and transportation industry, which not only promotes the rapid development of its heavy truck market, but also becomes a must for all heavy truck enterprises. Hanma series transportation tractors have been widely recognized locally. With the continuous upgrading of the logistics industry, new high-end logistics models are needed to meet the needs of transportation. To this end, Valin company has launched a new model, the Hamma H7 and the newly upgraded Hamma H9

during the exhibition tour on the same day, in view of the product performance and advantages of Hanma H7 and the problems concerned by customers, the engineers of Valin Xingma gave a "360 degree all-round experience" walkaround explanation, focusing on the fuel-saving advantages and safety performance of Hanma H7, and passed on the omni-directional and nanny service policy for the surrounding areas of Shijiazhuang to customers, who have excellent film forming ability. The exhibition staff also invited on-site customers to take a test drive to experience the new Hamma H7 product

car viewing, car tasting, test drive and consultation. The activity site was crowded and crowded. The scene was very hot. Compared with the epoxy resin system under the same conditions, the molding time was very short and explosive

at the dinner party, the sales manager of boben Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. Engel provided NCC with a large-scale injection molding mechanism of duo1700. When Zhang Lipeng and Zhao lisen announced a series of preferential policies such as preferential car prices, service accessories and loan finance at the scene respectively, many customers could not help but be excited and rush to buy. Customers enthusiastically paid a deposit, and finally ordered 42 cars at the event

car viewing, car tasting, test drive, consultation

Shang lien, the user representative, said in his speech that the car body design of Han carriage is relatively advanced. It has been more than a year since the first batch of cars were bought. The overall feeling is good, the maintenance rate is very low, the maintenance cost is not high, and the maintenance policies in all aspects are also very close to users. Our driver gave a good evaluation of Valin. For example, in terms of fuel consumption we are concerned about, under the condition that the road conditions and weather are roughly the same, the average fuel consumption of Valin H6 is about 35 fuel per 100 kilometers, which can save 2 fuel per 100 kilometers compared with similar products, and the cost saved in one month is considerable. Shang lien also believes that buying heavy trucks is about reassurance, which is more reflected in the after-sales aspect. If there is any problem with our vehicle, the after-sales staff of Valin will come at any time. The service attitude is very good, which also strengthens my determination to continue to choose Valin for subsequent car changes

42 orders are not only the charm of "Hanma takes the lead in the blue sky", but also the customers' affirmation of Valin products and services, but also the recognition of Hanma h7h9 high-power tractor. With the deepening of the exhibition tour activities, Valin will set off a new storm in Hebei, bring more value and more surprises to customers, and win together with customers to create a better future

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