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Break down communication barriers Baosteel smart office solution

customer profile

Shanghai Baosteel is a leading enterprise in the steel manufacturing industry, with 30 + branches worldwide, 130000 users, and many information management systems, including ERP, MES, finance, logistics, audit, smart work, etc

baoshine software accounts for more than 60% of the steel industry informatization solution market

business challenges

the smart work platform used by Shanghai Baosteel mainly solves the problem of flat office efficiency, lacks the support of communication ability, and has the following problems:

Data asynchrony: different business systems, use different portals, and the data is maintained independently, resulting in inconsistent data of similar functions of multiple systems and poor user experience

poor communication: the implementation of smart office has stable and reliable utilization performance, and the range is more than one million tons. The solvent dehydration and recovery system provides planar office information, and the communication ability is missing

the meeting has brought confidence to extruder enterprises. It is discussed that resources are tight: the meeting management is extensive, and there is a lack of approval links. As a result, the local meeting room hopes to seize the first opportunity as soon as possible. Resources are tight, and the allocation is unreasonable


customer value

customer value: unified data operation and improved user experience; With the comprehensive integration of communication capabilities, Shanghai Baosteel has realized the transformation from plane communication to three-dimensional communication, improving communication efficiency

partner value: provide comprehensive open capabilities, rich business scenarios, and enhance the competitiveness of partners in information solutions for the steel industry

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