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Lean Yuchai: build the world's most competitive professional power supplier

lean Yuchai: build the world's most competitive professional power supplier

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in order to shorten the gap between the world's advanced enterprises and the six largest tensile test space (mm) 600, in October 2010, Yuchai officially introduced lean manufacturing, and issued the requirements for products, marketing, services Since then, the glorious chapter of building the most competitive professional power supplier in the world has been opened

foreign experts "feel the pulse" for Yuchai lean.

with the continuous deepening of lean, the problem of deep level 1 biodegradable plastics is gradually exposed. Especially, the lean implementation in the early stage focused on practice, ignoring theoretical accomplishments and talent construction, which weakened the effect of lean implementation in the late stage

to crack this weakness, Yuchai's lean team needs to "make up lessons". At this time, Yuchai Co., Ltd. hired foreign expert Ichigo Yamada as the manufacturing director to systematically "feel the pulse" for Yuchai lean

with many problems, the lean research group composed of Ichigo Yamada conscientiously went deep into various factories and functional departments of Yuchai Co., Ltd. After more than 3 months of research, the lean research team found out a series of problems that need to be improved in the foundry and established 16 improvement projects at the fourth level of the foundry. On March 31, 2014, the foundry took the lead in launching the first shot of comprehensive lean improvement, focusing on improving products, production activities and production ideas

start comprehensive lean improvement internally, and externally, Yuchai starts to work on the construction of supply chain. In order to improve the level of the existing supply chain, Yamada Yisui pointed out pointedly that the overall quality of Yuchai products cannot stand without solving the quality control of parts. He suggested that Yuchai change its concept, learn from the practices of advanced enterprises such as FAW Toyota, and move the quality control of purchased parts forward

lean ignites talent concept change

comprehensive lean improvement needs more professional personnel, theories and tools to support. In order to ensure the smooth progress of comprehensive lean improvement, Yuchai has carried out a series of lean special training internally since the beginning of the year. In the first half of the year, Yuchai completed the training and assessment of 153 team leaders and 16 courses

Yuchai has been seeking to establish its own training system to realize the endogenous training of talents. Wu Qiwei, general manager of Yuchai Co., Ltd., said that in the process of implementing lean, the lack of advanced concepts, tools, methods and other issues is particularly prominent, which are in urgent need of a complete training system to support. In addition, from the perspective of the enterprise itself, without the growth of employees, and then continue to add load as the foundation, lean management will eventually become a castle in the air. To this end, Yuchai Co., Ltd. launched the "excellent action" training system construction project on July 22, hoping to focus on the field of lightweight automotive carbon fiber composites through training and practice. After completion, it will focus on the systematic research of science and technology, and build its own lean team and lean experts, so as to make lean management become the "DNA" of Yuchai Co., Ltd. that can not be copied

in addition to seeking for itself internally, Yuchai shares also learned from others. In April this year, it organized lean personnel to go to Nissan to "learn from experience", theoretically enriching Yuchai's lean wings

Yanping, chairman of Yuchai, placed an "order" with the human resources department. This year, in addition to selecting talents through public promotion, Yuchai will also introduce three high-level talents from the world's top 500 enterprises: Quality Director, human resources director and procurement director

the lean concept inspired Yuchai to make a series of changes in talent introduction, training, use, etc. The renewal of talent concept will promote Yuchai's second entrepreneurship to open up a new realm

lean guidance promotes management reform

lean operation system (ycos) is Yuchai's blueprint for lean. According to the medium and long-term plan of Yuchai's lean operation, this year is the key year for Yuchai's lean achievements to solidify and continue to extend to the marketing system

adhering to the lean idea of continuous improvement, in order to improve the current situation of low management efficiency, the company has adjusted the management organization, gradually implemented the management mode of the division, and strengthened the flat management of the organization. At present, the marine power division has been established. Next, when the conditions are ripe, Yuchai foundry will also set up a business department

last year, after learning from Honeywell and yinlun, Yuchai introduced a powerful tool to promote problem solving and improve the level of system management and control - the hierarchical meeting system, which is a regular meeting held from bottom to top and layer by layer to solve the company's operation and management problems. It requires meetings at all levels to strictly stipulate the time, frequency, participants, etc., clearly sort out and quickly solve problems. The implementation of the hierarchical meeting has changed the closed-loop mode of going back to catch up with the problems in the past. By sorting out and solving the problems at all levels and opening up the information flow, most of the problems can be closed-loop at the grass-roots level, so that there are fewer and more centralized problems fed back to the upper level, which improves work efficiency and establishes a more efficient communication and reflection mechanism

in addition, the sorting and optimization of management processes, the implementation of large-scale project management, the implementation of comprehensive budget, etc., all of these changes in management are permeated with the concept of lean

to save management costs, improve management efficiency and improve management level, the lean concept is guiding and promoting the management of Yuchai to a new level. This is a systematic project, an endless pursuit of excellence, with only a starting point and no end

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