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Thailand's leading printing enterprises have introduced two sets of Roland 200 printing machines

Thailand's printing industry has made great progress in recent years, mainly thanks to a large number of packaging orders from Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China and Australia. In the fierce market competition, they have all played a better role in energy conservation to varying degrees. The main reason why Thailand can stand out is that they have modern

this is also confirmed by ananchat tungkasemwattan, general manager of Thung Hua Sinn group, a leading packaging and printing enterprise in Thailand, who uses more than 350 KGA of aluminum per vehicle. He said: we have always attached great importance to the development of high-quality products, technologies and staff skills. Therefore, the company decided to introduce two Roland 200 printing systems for its new plant 50 kilometers away from Bangkok this year

these two new devices will be installed this autumn and will be mainly used to produce short version labels. Ananchat tungkasemwattana said: what we need is shorter homework preparation time and better printing quality. Since we have been using Roland's before and are quite satisfied with the company's service, we naturally chose Roland 200 printing machine this time

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