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The leading industry trend of China's largest international packaging exhibition in 2010 was held at the same time:

the 14th China International Beer The beverage and brewing industry exhibition is abbreviated as [2010 China Beverage Industry Exhibition]

the 17th South China International Printing Industry Exhibition is abbreviated as [2010 South China International Printing Exhibition]

the 2010 China International label printing technology exhibition is abbreviated as [2010 China International label exhibition]

exhibition time: March 9-11, 2010

exhibition venue: Pazhou Exhibition Hall (zone a) of China Import and export commodities fair Output area: 70000 square meters

Nike has been recognized as the enterprise that uses the most recyclable polyester materials in the industry for four consecutive years

the trend of modernization of plastic packaging is irresistible

Plastic packaging materials have been rapidly developed in the fields of food, daily chemicals, medicine and so on in recent years because of their strong plasticity, high quality and low price, which has driven the consumption of plastic packaging materials, and increased by 5% every year. The modern level of plastic packaging industry and the level of plastic packaging products reflect the advanced level of a country. China's huge manufacturing base has made the market share of light industry and electronics industry larger and larger. Then packaging has been gradually promoted from a subsidiary position of commodities to an important part of commodities. Packaging and plastic packaging industry has become one of the important industries of China's national economy. The plastic packaging industry has developed from a decentralized industry to a complete industrial system with flexible plastic packaging films, hollow containers, plastic packaging machinery, materials and so on

Plastic packaging machine opens the upper jaw electric switch to clamp the sample machine has a broad prospect

Plastic machinery is an important pillar of the development of the plastic industry, which provides the plastic industry with advanced technical equipment. The varieties of plastic machinery are mainly composed of injection molding machines, extruders, extrusion production lines and blow molding machines, accounting for more than 80% of the total output value of plastic machinery, of which injection molding machines account for more than half of the total of these three types of machinery. In recent years, the market demand for high-tech injection molding machines has gradually strengthened, and it is expected that the plastic machinery market will have a broad prospect. Regarded as the largest international packaging exhibition in China in 2010, the 17th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition (Sino pack 2010) will newly add a special Museum of [plastic packaging products and equipment], which is expected to become a new highlight under the current situation and attract the attention of the packaging industry

Plastic packaging machinery head Qi Li participated in the exhibition

Ningbo Haitian, one of the leading enterprises in the field of plastic packaging machinery in China, will appear with an exhibition area of nearly 200 square meters. Haitian International will bring its brands changfeiya plastic machine and Haitian plastic machine to appear, and its new product changfeiya Tianrui ve2300/p packaging machine will be displayed. Haitian plastic machine will display its new model Tiantai TA series packaging machine, This model is the latest electro-hydraulic composite model developed by Haitian plastic machinery group

Guangdong Shicheng, one of the world's iconic brands of high-end casting film equipment, will also make its debut. The first cpp/cpe ultra wide (5000mm) and ultra high speed (500m/min) casting film production line in China; PVB glass laminated film production line; Evapvb solar cell packaging film production line. Among them, PVB glass laminated film production line and cpp/cpe ultra wide cast film production line have won provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards for many times

in addition to Haitian and Guangdong Shicheng, other enterprises exhibited in the [plastic packaging products and equipment] special museum include: Ningbo Weili, Demag, Yusheng molding, Guangzhou Dacheng, Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry, Nantong Sanxin, Dongguan wonderful, Shanghai Sanying, Qingyi, Shantou Huaying, TENGWEI, hengcai, kezhida, In addition, China Plastics Processing Association will break through the large-area preparation and coating bonding technology of biomimetic biological adhesion regulation and separation materials as a whole; The flexibility of smart materials, large-area preparation and biocompatibility technology; The exhibition group of the composite film special committee of the joint design technology conference of self-adaptive controllable metamaterials with intelligent and bionic characteristics, the exhibition area of plastic packaging products, the exhibition group of the gravure printing branch of the China Printing Technology Association and the exhibition group of Taiwan, etc. it is expected that the special hall will attract plastic packaging products manufacturers, food, beverage, household chemicals, pharmaceutical terminal enterprises to purchase

the 17th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition, jointly hosted by Hong Kong Yashi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. and the Sino Foreign Trade Center (Group), continues to provide a window and platform for the development of plastic packaging and packaging industry in China, including plastic and packaging equipment, technology promotion, and communication and exchange. The exhibition will be divided into four theme areas, including [integrated packaging industry area], [beer and beverage packaging equipment area], [packaging label hall] and [plastic packaging products hall]

"elegant cup" environmental protection packaging Grand Prix - promoting the green theme has become a hot topic in the exhibition

environmental protection and safety are suitable for the development of pharmaceutical, food, beverage, daily chemical and other industries, and are also the only way for the healthy development of the plastic packaging industry. To this end, the China plastic packaging industry development forum and the "elegant cup" environmental protection packaging Grand Prix to be held during the exhibition will become the highlights of the exhibition. The Yashi cup environmental protection packaging Grand Prix will promote the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development of the industry through diversified activities such as exhibitions and forums, so as to promote the scientific and technological innovation ability and comprehensive utilization level of resources of China's packaging industry, and promote the development of China's packaging industry

industry associations and buyer groups work together to support

for large packaging plastic equipment manufacturers, attract buyers of plastic packaging products. The organizers have unique advantages in this regard. After 30 years of exhibition experience and the support of China International Rubber and plastic exhibition, which ranks first in Asia and third in the world, Hong Kong Yashi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich buyer resources, which can focus on attracting buyers of plastic packaging products to the scene. The exhibition will also be supported by nearly 40 industry associations and buyer teams

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