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How does NBA play in China? Since the Spring Festival has been secretly occupied online,

as a traditional Chinese festival, few people associate the Spring Festival with western professional sports events. Thanks to the NBA, Chinese fans are forming a new spring festival habit: watching basketball

for NBA fans, this Spring Festival can be said to be a full addiction to football - more than 51 regular season live broadcasts, and there are several games to watch every day, including the heavyweight confrontation between warriors and thunder; Three consecutive days of All-Star weekends, skill games with new tricks, the three-point game with the highest player level in recent years, may be the best dunk game in the past decade, and Kobe's last All-Star trip

if "Mermaid" brings everyone into the cinema, watching NBA, especially watching All-Star weekend, has become one of the few fashionable pastimes that young people can have at home during the Spring Festival. Many popular TV dramas and variety shows are deliberately avoiding this time. Compared with the increasingly boring Spring Festival Gala and the nagging of seven sisters and eight women, it is obviously more attractive to watch the ball quietly (which is also one of the reasons to get up early)

nba has a long history of arranging important games and entertainment activities during holidays, and the most famous and successful is the "Christmas War". Since the 1940s, the NBA has begun to arrange games on Saint Yan's day, and the saying of "war" has become popular since the 1990s - because smart League operators have found that by arranging two "story" teams to play on such a sensitive date, and then infinitely magnifying their attention through television broadcasting, they can create huge public opinion and commercial effects

the Christmas game in 1992 was the Chicago Bulls with Jordan against the Knicks from metropolitan New York - the two teams had just fought seven bloody games in the eastern semi-finals the previous year; Since 1995, the finals of the previous year have become "regular visitors" to the Christmas games, such as the Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic in 1995, and the Los Angeles Lakers against the Philadelphia 76ers in 2001. Since 2008, in order to further expand the Christmas effect of the NBA, the league has arranged five heavyweight matches on the same day. The basic principle is that big city teams have superstars and "gratitude and hatred"

for the players and coaches of these teams, this is equivalent to working overtime on the first day of the first month. However, due to its huge public opinion effect and commercial value, from League Managers to team owners, players and coaches, all accepted this arrangement

take the highlight of the 2015 Christmas War, where the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers played in the finals last season as an example. The average transaction price of tickets for this game in the secondary market reached an astonishing $517, which is the second highest ticket price of this season, second only to Kobe's closing game on April 13 this year. Since 2010, the average ticket price of Christmas games has reached $212, which is 2.6 times the average of $82 for non Christmas games

in addition to the 100000 fans who spent money to watch the game on the spot, more than 30million people watched the five games on their own TV. Advertisers spared no expense in seizing the "prime time" during the game. By launching Christmas Special Edition jerseys, socks and other peripheral goods, the sales volume of NBA stores soared by 95% over the previous year

the fans wasted time, and the NBA seized the business opportunity. Now, they want to replicate the same success in China on the other side of the ocean and in the Spring Festival, which is the most valued by Chinese people

in 2012, NBA for the first time took the zodiac as the theme and launched a "dragon new year" themed activity in China, extending from the shell manufacturing of electronic products to the interior of products. The event lasted for a week, and was broadcast for the first time in 21 regular games. Besides the VCR of the stars' New Year greetings, special "care" was given to the Chinese market: the players wore adidas' specially designed "NBA New Year of the dragon" training clothes before the game, and a war watching party was held in Beijing

since the beginning of this year, the Spring Festival special activity around the zodiac has become the highlight of NBA China's annual market promotion together with the China match, and the scale of the activity has also been increasing. In, the number of Games broadcast during the Spring Festival increased from 21 to 58, covering 90% of NBA teams. The number of viewers increased from the initial 96million to 280million, a twofold increase in four years

five years ago, the small words "new year of the dragon" on the training clothes were replaced by the large Chinese characters "Rockets" and "Warriors" on the chest of the football shirts of stars such as harden and curry. Since last year, the two teams will wear Chinese characters during the Spring Festival, and the Washington Wizards will be added this year

harden and curry also sat together for dinner with Taiwan star Jeremy Lin in an advertisement called "reunion dinner", talking in Chinese and learning to clip food with chopsticks. This is a promotional film specially shot by the NBA for this year's "year of the monkey". Last year's promotional film "knock on the door when a surprise" was about new year's greetings, with Miami Heat star Wade co starring

The NBA hopes that these superstars can be used as a link between the league and fans. The previous year, four NBA stars including Sean Battier and Carl Landry recorded a short film to celebrate the Spring Festival for Chinese fans. In the past few years, pejastoyakovic, roberthorry, Marion and other stars simply came directly to China to celebrate the new year with the fans

this is one of the important measures that David shoemaker, the current CEO of NBA China, has tried to fill the gap between this sports event and Chinese fans and the market after the loss of Yao Ming in the past few years. Five years ago, just one month after he announced his duty, Yao Ming, China's most popular basketball player, announced his retirement after many injuries or the next round of experiments

after that, NBA China's development idea gradually changed from laying a large number of physical stores and investing in the construction of basketball theme parks, began to pay attention to e-commerce and social media, began to learn from Nike and other brands, and found ways to interact with fans

It should not be lower than the specified value of grade B cold drawn carpet steel wire

nba's main battlefield in China has shifted from television to Internet, and the trend from offline to online has been particularly evident in the spring festival celebrations in the past two years

January 30, 2015 -- just two weeks before the Spring Festival of the year of the sheep, NBA officials announced that Tencent had become China's exclusive digital media partner in the next five years, with a contract amount of up to 3.1 billion yuan, far exceeding the revenue from television stations. In the following new year's celebration activities, Chinese character jerseys were put on shelves at NBA tmall flagship store, NBA flagship store and NBA exclusive store at the same time, and all of them were sold out. This year's "new year of the monkey" Chinese jerseys and All-Star jerseys were also sold out soon after they were put on the shelves

during this year's All-Star weekend, although it was the first working day after the holiday, nearly 10 million people still watched individual competitions such as three-point and dunk. The video album of the dunk contest alone has been played more than 48million times in 48 hours. NBA is also opening more resources to China as a partner by opening the oil return valve -- for example, Wu Yifan became the first Chinese star to enter the NBA all star weekend, as well as the one-on-one interview arrangement for the champion of the three-point, dunk and skill challenge

Yao Ming is gone, and Kobe Bryant is about to leave. Fortunately, NBA is still the most popular sports event in China. What we need to do now is to find that cool spirit and keep it. It's a good start to make use of the boring Spring Festival to get along with the fans

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