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Three cases of ink saving skills in inkjet printing

first, the ink consumption speed of color series printers with "fake ink change"

epson is quite fast. After each use, when the original ink cartridge of color series printer is removed, we can see that there is a lot of ink left in it. Gently squeeze the ink cartridge, and a large amount of ink flows out of the pierced seal at the bottom. We can find a way to use up these inks

epson color series printers do not measure the ink consumption by detecting the ink in the ink cartridge, but by calculating the total character print volume. For the sake of insurance, the manufacturer fills the ink cartridge with much more ink than the rated ink consumption of this recent "counter". We can set the "counter Yi Cheng Xin Neng announcement" to zero by using the "fake ink change" method, so that the original ink cartridge can still be used for printing, as long as there is ink in it

the specific operation method is as follows: when the "ink out indicator" on the printer flashes, press the "ink change button" on the printer panel, and the ink cartridge rack will slide to the ink change position by itself, remove its cover, but do not take out the ink cartridge, then close the cover of the ink cartridge rack, and then press the ink change button on the printer panel, and the printer will start to perform the ink filling action. After the ink filling is completed, You will see that the ink volume indicator bar in the printer operation interface is full again. Now you can use the ink cartridge that should be scrapped again. It can't be said to produce 2XXX series and 7xxx series alloy ink cartridges. After the "fake ink change", the ink in the ink cartridge can be used up, so that at least 50% of the original printing volume can be increased

please note that the problem after "fake ink change" is that when the ink in the ink cartridge is really exhausted, the ink cartridge cannot be replaced by the usual method. However, you can press the cleaning key. When the ink cartridge rack moves to the ink cartridge replacement position, turn off the power supply of the printer forcibly. Then you can lift the cover of the ink cartridge rack like the normal ink replacement and remove the empty ink cartridge. At this time, do not put a new ink cartridge in, and turn on the printer again. At this time, the printer detects that there is no ink, and the "ink out indicator" will flash. Then, change the ink according to the normal method

second, inject compatible ink

although printer manufacturers strongly oppose this, it is a very important way to save ink. In fact, most of the time, after inking, the functions and performance of the printer are very stable, no different from the original ink cartridge. Add ink according to the following process:

first, prepare a larger syringe and a long needle about No. 6, and then go to the computer market to buy a bottle of suitable compatible ink. When the computer sends out the warning of ink shortage, open the front cover of the printer, press the ink cartridge button on the printer to stop the ink cartridge at the loading and unloading position, and then directly unplug the printer. Remove the ink cartridge and observe carefully. It can be seen that there is a small hole on the ink cartridge that can just be inserted into the No. 6 needle. Slowly inject an appropriate amount of compatible ink through this hole with a syringe (it is best to fill the ink cartridge). When injecting ink, the ink cartridge should be kept upright, and the ink cartridge and storage box can be taken to a place convenient for operation; The ink can be injected in 3 or 4 times. When the ink rises from the hole of the ink cartridge at the last filling point, you can answer: verify the level 0.5 experimental machine and use the level 0.1 standard dynamometer to confirm that the ink cartridge is full. Generally, the price of compatible ink is only about 1/4 of the price of original ink cartridge, which can greatly save printing costs

third, choose the appropriate print quality

as we all know, the ink consumption of inkjet printing is proportional to its print quality and resolution, and different print resolution and quality should be selected according to different application requirements. Sometimes this is very important. For example, Canon bjc-210 can increase the printing volume by about 3 times when using the "super economic mode". Usually, we can use the ink saving mode of reducing the print quality for the manuscripts we read by ourselves

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