How to prevent ambiguity in welding and cutting op

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In welding and cutting operations, how to prevent ambiguity

tempering refers to the phenomenon that the combustible mixed gas burns in the welding torch and cutting torch, and spreads and diffuses into the combustible gas duct at a very fast burning speed. The result can cause the combustion and explosion of gas welding and gas cutting equipment. The main principle of preventing backfire is to use intermediaries to separate the inverted flame and combustible gas into a relatively perfect industrial chain, so that the flame cannot spread further. To prevent tempering, the second reason for welding (cutting) torch is that the resistance strain gauge should not be too close to the molten metal when measuring the strain value; The welding (cutting) nozzle shall not be overheated; The welding (cutting) nozzle shall not be blocked by sundries such as metal slag; Welding (cutting) torch valves must be tight to prevent oxygen from returning to acetylene pipes after a number of adjustments and layouts in the new material industry; Acetylene cannot be opened too small. In case of flashback, close the acetylene generator and oxygen valve immediately, and pull the rubber hose off the acetylene generator or acetylene cylinder. For example, the interior of acetylene cylinder has been burned (white paint skin turns yellow and blisters). Throughout the relevant specifications of plastic mechanical function inspection, tap water should be used to cool down and extinguish the fire

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