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How to position the commodity packaging of supermarkets

nowadays, the number of supermarkets in China continues to develop vigorously, and the technology of plastic granulator using renewable energy and industrial waste heat is growing. With this, the competition between the same industry and other retail formats is also increasingly fierce. With the entry of major supermarkets at home and abroad, such as Wal Mart, Carrefour and Tesco, the market competition will be more intense. In order to remain invincible, a supermarket needs powerful competitive tools, including the export growth of China's extruder products in supermarkets, which will show a stable and progressive situation. Development strategies, image marketing strategies, commodity marketing strategies, promotion strategies, service marketing strategies, development marketing strategies and so on. The product of supermarket is a kind of service, which provides the goods that customers need. Through information feedback, it improves the composition of goods and makes it more suitable for customers. There are products, there are packages. Packaging is a means of marketing, which plays a role in protecting commodities, facilitating transportation, easy identification, conveying information, reflecting culture and promoting sales. Supermarkets are a form of small profits but quick turnover, and have their own unique requirements for product packaging. In order to adapt to the international development trend of retail industry, China's packaging industry must unite with the commodity production industry, carefully study the characteristics of supermarket commodity packaging, actively learn from the experience of foreign supermarket packaging, and step up the transformation of various packaging of supermarket commodities. Then, how to do a good job in the packaging of supermarket goods, the author suggests the following aspects

first, supermarket packaging should start with simplicity

nowadays, boxed eggs, boxes of fruits, delicate small packaged vegetables with green food signs, agricultural and sideline products from different places have become popular commodities in supermarkets. These goods, which are closely related to people's lives, are used almost every day. However, in many supermarkets, these goods are almost sold in bulk and stacked. Apart from the harm caused by air pollution to the goods, there is neither production date nor shelf life on the goods. Will you be relieved to eat such goods? Besides, if you use plastic bags too much after purchasing goods, is it another pollution to the environment

it is reported that a citizen bought more than 100 yuan of goods in the supermarket and cleaned more than 20 large and small plastic bags after coming back. He said, "my family has never bought special garbage bags, and I can't use up the plastic bags just from the supermarket." Let's not talk about how much supermarkets pay for this. From the perspective of environmental protection, will these plastic bags cause environmental pollution? In fact, it's very simple. When you go to Wal Mart, Carrefour and other large supermarkets, you will find that agricultural and sideline products such as grain, oil, eggs and vegetables not only have simple packaging, but also the brand and production date are clearly marked on the label, and the price is not much different from the packaging of bulk goods. Consumers have a certain ideological preparation and material bearing capacity for the packaging and brand of goods, that is, supermarket goods should be sold by simple people with simple packaging, so as to establish a brand for their own goods

with the continuous improvement of culture and consumption level, people need easy to identify signs such as packaging and brand when shopping, so as to repeatedly buy their favorite goods, which has also played a certain positive role in brand sales of goods. For poultry and egg products, they are packaged in egg shaped containers in transparent plastic boxes, and then pasted with their own brand labels, with the manufacturer, address, production date, etc. Egg shaped containers can ensure the integrity of commodities, and transparent plastic boxes can directly see commodities. Such a packaging form is worth promoting in supermarkets

from January this year, the "hygienic management specifications for bulk food" issued by the Ministry of health has been implemented, requiring that all supermarkets and shopping malls must use packaging materials and containers that meet the requirements of hygienic standards for sealed packaging, and indicate the name of the food, ingredient list, producer and address, production date, shelf life, storage conditions, use methods and packaging specifications on the label, with inspection certificates attached. Therefore, bulk food will gradually fade out of people's sight. In order not to increase the cost of supermarket commodity packaging, simple packaging will be the development trend of supermarket commodity sales

Second, the packaging of supermarket goods should be scientific and reasonable

supermarkets are in a special position in marketing. On the one hand, they are the distribution channels of manufacturers, on the other hand, they are their own marketing subjects. The marketing of supermarkets has its own characteristics. In recent years, some producers of food and daily necessities, aiming at the unique sales mode of supermarkets and the characteristics of consumers' requirements for commodity packaging, have begun to develop a series of packaging suitable for consumers' requirements according to local conditions. For example, children's daily necessities are equipped with cartoon packaging of animals and film and television characters, so that they can use the packaging of products like toys after using up the goods; The packaging of products for the elderly should be equipped with safety, durability and economy to meet the psychological needs of the elderly; For young people, different hobbies such as color and object shape are packaged according to different sexes of men and women. These targeted packaging not only meet the requirements of different levels and types of consumers for product packaging, but also have the characteristics of promotion. Nowadays, with the rapid development of supermarkets, the management of fresh products has been popularized. How to package fresh products when many businesses do not consider the packaging of fresh products? It also adds a weight to the competition. Considering the requirements of the Ministry of health on the hygienic specifications for bulk food, we can consider using waterproof paper bags for fresh food packaging, and then print scientific and interesting knowledge and recipes of fresh food on the packaging to make our own brand. At the same time, it can also provide a variety of packaging specifications for different consumption levels. The connotation of packaging culture is very rich, and it is an intangible asset of production and operation. It not only infiltrates the culture to the public, but also embeds the impression of its brand in the hearts of consumers, which is suitable for the packaging of supermarket commodity consumption

at present, with the continuous influx of foreign supermarkets, the arrival of global economic integration, the influx of foreign food and agricultural and sideline products, and the large-scale export of domestic such products, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to compete for the market, many foreign food production enterprises and agricultural and sideline products processing enterprises have reflected the similarities and differences and characteristics of product packaging in the same important position while trying to make products of high quality and low price. Scientific and reasonable commodity packaging has become an inevitable choice. At present, with the aging of China's population, the elderly consumer group can no longer be ignored. It has become increasingly popular to actively develop and operate commodities suitable for the elderly, such as diversified and small-scale packaging specifications of products, and more and more small packages such as agricultural and sideline products, 1kg, 5kg, etc; At the same time, pay attention to the scientific and reasonable packaging of green and healthy food that can prolong life and strengthen the body; Providing easy to carry packaging and so on is an active development of the elderly market

III. The commodity packaging in supermarkets should follow the principle of environmental protection

the packaging of commodities should be carried out continuously in the cutting, measurement and experiment of samples, which brings convenience, health and safety to people's lives, but also produces a lot of waste of resources and environmental pollution. As a convenience store that sells daily necessities quickly, supermarkets will be visited by consumers more frequently, and the range of environmental pollution will be wider. Almost every family has experienced the pollution of plastic bags mentioned above. Therefore, some large supermarkets, such as Carrefour and Zhongbai supermarkets, do not encourage people to use plastic bags for shopping, and implement plastic bag charging and system at the same time. In the packaging of supermarket goods, we are closely related to the common environmental pollution, which is convenient and convenient packaging., The bottom of the bowl of instant noodles is marked with "PS `" and "PP". PS and PP are polystyrene and polypropylene respectively, which are very safe and can be used safely. Attention should be paid to the foot foam bowl. The bowl is made of loose material (mixed with foaming agent). If foamed with boiled water, the ammonia compounds of foaming agent will escape, which is very harmful to human body, and also causes no small pollution to the environment. There are also common bagged cakes. For the convenience of the factory, some businesses pull polyethylene into a film and mix it with industrial lubricants. Such biscuits will produce a plastic taste after sealing, which will have a negative impact on human body and the environment. How to package goods? Give the manufacturer a suggestion, "replace plastic with paper", which is a material with less pollution, convenient recycling and reuse

although the packaging of supermarket commodities has high and special requirements, it is basically consistent with the packaging requirements of the whole commodity circulation field. At present, the influx of microcomputer based supermarkets equipped with foreign large-scale experimental machines has made China's retail industry move towards internationalization. Nomat's global procurement strategy and information-based distribution system; The marketing method of daily parity and scientific and reasonable packaging are classic cases in the industry

if China's packaging industry wants to adapt to the international development trend of the retail industry, simple, learning and environmental friendly packaging will be the development trend of supermarket commodity packaging in China. Whoever can attract many consumers will be in an invincible position in the competition

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