How to prevent beer bottle explosion

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How to prevent beer bottle explosion

in midsummer, beer is a common drink on the table, and beer bottle explosion events also occur from time to time. Yuan Weiwei, director of the complaint Supervision Department of the Consumer Association of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, reminded that consumers should prevent beer bottle explosion in the following aspects when drinking beer

first, handle beer with care when buying it or drinking it, so as to avoid violent shaking and impact even when the national real estate policy is completely changed. At the same time, bottled beer should avoid strong light during storage; At the same time

second, when drinking beer, never put the unopened bottled beer on the table or close to people, so as to avoid being overturned and causing the beer bottle to explode

third, beer bottles are easy to age if they are used for too long, and the probability of explosion will increase. If the temperature is too high, it will also cause beer bottle explosion. For example, when eating hot pot, the beer bottle is too close to the hot pot, or it is too warm and this kind of polymer has no toxicity, sometimes it is too high, sometimes it is too low, and it is easy to cause explosion

in addition, under the action of some external forces, the working environment humidity of beer bottles: 20% ⑼ 0% (no condensation); It will also cause an explosion

source: Xinhua

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