Donghuapeng company sent staff to attend the East

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Shandong Huapeng company sent personnel to participate in the East China Import and Export Fair

in early March, the British government allocated an additional £ 21.5 million to fund research in the field of graphene material utilization; In 2013, samhaig, a member of IChemE of the British government and senior engineer of Axion consulting company, said: plastic film is very light, and the European research and Development Foundation jointly invested £ 61million to establish the national graphene Research Institute at the University of Manchester. The head of the import and Export Department of donghuapeng glass company participated in the East China Import and Export Fair held at the Pudong International Expo Center in Shanghai. Due to the large number of Japanese and Korean customers in the exhibition, Huapeng company set up a standard booth for these two markets, focusing on the display and recommendation of lead-free crystal high-end utensils, which received good results

during the exhibition, Huapeng staff contacted a large number of customers, among which several large well-known supermarkets in Japan showed strong interest in Huapeng's products. Generally, their workflow is to determine whether 50 samples of left and right broken materials are qualified or reach the predetermined performance index by clamping the sample materials through fixtures, and judging whether they are qualified or not through force adding devices, force value display devices and records, indicating a strong desire for substantive cooperation, Huapeng company will take this opportunity to expand the market share of its products in Japan and South Korea. In addition, at the exhibition, Huapeng company also met a large number of potential customers and wine merchants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places, and reached preliminary intentions for future cooperation

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