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Ningjin County, Shandong Province: pay close attention to the clean treatment of bulk coal and win the blue sky defense war

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in order to ensure the win of the blue sky defense war, in accordance with the requirements of the city's clean treatment of bulk coal work conference, Ningjin County, Shandong Province actively acts, develops and innovates, takes the initiative, closely combines the treatment of bulk coal with the promotion of clean coal, and focuses on the treatment of bulk coal, So far, it has won a decisive victory and created a good environment for the promotion of clean coal. By the end of October, 27016 tons of clean briquette had been delivered to households, completing 106% of the city's assigned tasks, 30 percentage points higher than the previous year, and 3288 stoves had been installed to households, completing 183% of the city's assigned tasks; Bulk coal distribution points and business qualifications were "double cleared", 5 bulk coal distribution business licenses were cancelled, 10 bulk coal distribution points were punished, and more than 80 tons of bulk coal were impounded. This practice effectively curbed the disorderly development of the bulk coal market, created a good social atmosphere for the promotion of clean coal, and effectively improved the air quality of Ningjin County

improve the leadership mechanism and strengthen the promotion work. After the institutional reform in this year, Ningjin County Development and Reform Bureau took an active role, actively connected with the carry forward and transfer functions of the County Bureau of Commerce, and was fully familiar with the clean management of bulk coal. At the beginning of May, the county development and Reform Bureau inspected 28 coal storage and sale business sites together with the market supervision bureau, public security, environmental protection and other departments through multiple investigations, and cleared the sites of 28 unlicensed businesses and bulk coal points within a time limit, achieving good results. After the clean management meeting of bulk coal in the city was held, the county government immediately held an executive meeting to specifically arrange the clean management of bulk coal in Ningjin County, adjust the members of the clean management headquarters of bulk coal in Ningjin County according to the transfer of institutional reform functions, and set up six working groups in the headquarters, including the comprehensive coordination group, the market regulation group, the traffic supervision group, the market system construction group, the publicity and mobilization group, and the policy and fund guarantee group, Clarify and refine the tasks, focusing on promoting the law enforcement of bulk coal governance. At the same time, all towns and streets should improve the responsibilities of the clean coal promotion office, and assign special personnel to take charge of it. The disadvantage of the piezoelectric load sensor of the absorption and change experimental machine is that the personnel of the collection and management area and the village committee participate in it, and devote themselves to the clean treatment of loose coal

pay close attention to publicity and launch, highlight the promotion work and take early action. On June 24, Ningjin County held a working meeting on the clean treatment of bulk coal. Comrade Jing Weimin, the executive deputy county magistrate, presided over the meeting and made an important speech. At the meeting, arrangements were made for the clean treatment of bulk coal in 2019, the work arranged at the special meeting on early market regulation was scheduled, the objectives and tasks were clarified, and a letter of agreement was signed. We are required to grasp the promotion of clean coal from the perspective of politics and winning the blue sky defense war. After the meeting, all towns and streets actively arranged, held village level mobilization meetings and issued village level promotion tasks. The headquarters office printed 30000 publicity materials and understanding papers, which were distributed to villages and households; 735 sets of exhibition boards were made and hung in the village office, detailing the subsidies for clean coal and the instructions for burning; United with the county financial media center, three videos, such as the announcement of loose coal treatment and the publicity of clean coal, were broadcast in turn during the prime time of the county TV station, and were forwarded by means of,, microblogging media, creating a strong publicity atmosphere

give full play to the coordination role of the headquarters office, and solidly promote phased work such as bidding, distribution and installation. First, reasonably divide the bid sections and actively implement the supply enterprises of clean briquettes and environmental protection stoves. The 30000 tons of clean briquette and 1800 stoves in Ningjin County are divided into two bid sections, and the headquarters office will uniformly organize the bidding of entrusted agent companies, so that the bidding enterprises can compete well and fairly. On July 19, in order to update the original article, many people in Ningjin officially opened the bid for the county's clean briquette and environmental protection stove procurement project, and finally determined two clean briquette enterprises and two environmental protection stove enterprises. The headquarters office organized personnel to visit two clean 3, medium-sized coal and environmental protection stove enterprises in the experimental process, to understand the production capacity and product quality of enterprises, and ensure the supply of clean briquette and environmental protection stove; On the 26th, a matchmaking meeting was held between villages and towns, streets and bid winning enterprises, at which the contract signing was completed. Second, pay close attention to the distribution and installation stage. Pay attention to quality and safety, and all clean coal must have product certificates, must be tested in batches, and must be tested by vehicles. During the delivery process, the goods were returned 3 times, totaling more than 60 tons, and 45 stoves were returned. Five persons in charge of the enterprise were interviewed. Pay close attention to the time node, and submit the distribution and installation progress every half a month to the township, street office and supply enterprises, and once a week after October. If problems are found, schedule them at any time to ensure that the tasks are completed according to the time node. The headquarters office has issued seven briefings to inform the work situation in time, so that the leaders can grasp the work progress in time and the work progress of towns and streets is balanced

strengthen law enforcement and form a joint force to ensure the smooth completion of the promotion of clean briquette. First, in the name of the county government office, the "opinions on the implementation of Ningjin County's 2019 bulk coal remediation" was issued, requiring the "double clearing" of bulk coal distribution points and business qualifications. Comrade Jing Weimin, the executive deputy county magistrate, dispatched the management of bulk coal in the county for many times. The headquarters office gave full play to the role of development and reform, market supervision, public security and Township Street offices, further investigated and investigated the coal operators in the area under its jurisdiction, and completely banned the unlicensed coal operators. Actively accept complaints and reports, open reports, successively dispatch 35 law enforcement vehicles and 86 law enforcement personnel, inspect 100 villages under the jurisdiction, investigate and deal with 10 unlicensed coal businesses, and seize more than 80 tons of bulk coal, standardizing the business order of the coal market. Second, all townships and sub districts shall conduct a comprehensive investigation of the bulk coal market within their jurisdiction, strictly investigate and deal with illegal operations of bulk coal, and conduct real-time monitoring of banned coal operators to prevent a resurgence. Third, the Transportation Bureau and the traffic police brigade set up three bulk coal inspection points at the main intersection of Ningjin County, namely, the chief, Dazhuang and overrun inspection stations. The combination of fixed-point inspection and patrol inspection was implemented to carry out law enforcement inspection on the bulk coal transportation vehicles entering Ningjin County, and prompt and advise the transportation vehicles without quality inspection reports to return. By the end of the day, more than 100 vehicles were dispatched, 240 law enforcement personnel were sent, and 37 passing vehicles were registered

strengthen assessment, consolidate township streets, and consolidate the effect of governance and promotion. Include the promotion of clean coal in the assessment of township and street offices, and get a full score of 20 points for completing the task. The county headquarters for the clean treatment of bulk coal disbursed 1million to reward the township and street offices, and set up the first, second and third prizes to reward the township and street offices that have completed the task. At the same time, 0.5 points will be deducted for each bulk coal distribution point found from October to the year-end assessment. It is required to take responsibility from township streets to village committees, investigate and deal with the distribution of bulk coal together, maintain a high-pressure situation, prevent the resurgence of bulk coal distribution, and lay a good foundation for the clean management of bulk coal in 2020

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