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Dongguan, the manufacturing capital of the world, has expanded the ecological chain of "smart manufacturing"

in the intelligent workshop, tostar six axis industrial robot using industrial cloud technology is "good at dancing", and the high-speed, high-precision, stable and flexible manipulator is constantly waving, firmly depicting the determination of this "manufacturing capital of the world" to upgrade "smart manufacturing"

in early summer and June, the highest temperature in Dongguan, Guangdong reached 35 degrees Celsius, and a shower at noon did not dampen the enthusiasm of the "made in Guangdong and strong in Guangdong" all media interview group to visit Dongguan industrial robot manufacturing enterprises

in the intelligent workshop, tostar six axis industrial machines using industrial cloud technology, but with the enhancement of environmental awareness, people are "good at dancing", and the high-speed, high-precision, stable and flexible manipulator is constantly waving, firmly depicting the determination of this "manufacturing capital of the world" to upgrade "intelligent manufacturing"

innovation drives development, and "smart manufacturing" leads upgrading. Recently, the general office of the State Council announced and praised seven works of the three cities in the Pearl River Delta, including three works in Dongguan, including "promoting the implementation of made in China 2025, promoting steady industrial growth, and achieving remarkable results in transformation and upgrading"

"this is the affirmation of the state that Dongguan adheres to innovation driven and develops the real economy with manufacturing as the main body. It has given a shot in the arm to the transformation of Dongguan enterprises." Liang Weidong, deputy secretary of Dongguan municipal Party committee and mayor, told the interview group

according to Ye Baohua, director of Dongguan Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, Dongguan's aggressive "machine replacement" action in the past three years is giving the city a new vitality, which has further consolidated the consensus and foundation for the upgrading and development of Dongguan's manufacturing enterprises from automation to intelligence

according to the data of Dongguan Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, since September 2014, 76315 sets of equipment and instruments have been added in Dongguan, of which the equipment produced in Dongguan accounts for 17.5%

however, Dongguan still has a long way to go towards high-end and intelligent equipment, and Dongguan is also clearly aware of its shortcomings. Liang Weidong said that Dongguan's manufacturing industry has shortcomings such as relying on the international market for product sales, importing key parts of production equipment, and lacking local excellent system solution suppliers and software information service providers

Dongguan, which has made a fortune through "three supplies and one subsidy", is under the "double" squeeze of the return of international high-end manufacturing industry and the diversion of medium and low-end under the current downward pressure on the domestic economy and insufficient foreign demand. Obviously, the current problem of "smart manufacturing" transformation in Dongguan needs to be solved by optimizing the allocation of innovation resources at the global level

it is found that Dongguan has continuously issued "smart manufacturing" transformation and upgrading policies under the innovation driven development strategy from the "machine replacement" proposed in 2014 to the implementation of "made in Dongguan 2025" in 2015, to the "vigorously developing the robot intelligent equipment industry" in 2016 and the "building a full ecological chain of smart manufacturing" in 2017, and its vision has also tended to be diversified and international

"we used to focus on one aspect, but now we are doing the system engineering of innovation driven intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading." Liang Weidong said

in February 2017, Dongguan put forward the "work plan to strengthen the allocation of new elements and create a full ecological chain of Intelligent Manufacturing", hoping to match the international standard, complete the element resources, and strengthen the local manufacturing industry from the whole industrial chain of equipment, products, sales and so on

according to the data released by Dongguan Municipal Bureau of statistics, in the first quarter of this year, the industrial added value of Dongguan's advanced manufacturing industry was 37.826 billion yuan, and the industrial added value of high-tech manufacturing industry was 28.964 billion yuan. The proportion of high-tech manufacturing industry in the total industrial output value above the scale of manufacturing industry has exceeded 40%, and the proportion of primary manufacturing industry has exceeded 53%

"the previous model of market stimulating manufacturing production demand has been broken. The Dongguan government is proactively guiding demand and formulating policies taking into account the actual situation of local industries." Wu Zhiheng, deputy director of Guangdong Institute of intelligent manufacturing, said

in Wu Zhiheng's view, "machine replacement" is only the first step towards "intelligent manufacturing" in Dongguan: "intelligent manufacturing includes intelligent equipment, intelligent production mode, intelligent management, intelligent product and intelligent service management, while the application of automated equipment is only the first step."

he believes that the technological development path of manufacturing enterprises includes four stages: automation, electrification, informatization and intellectualization, in which machinery can be used for 10 years. The upgrading of Dongguan manufacturing industry can be promoted in a "parallel way": "an enterprise has different workshops, and a workshop has different processes. Some workshops in Dongguan only need 'machine replacement', and some processes only need informatization, but these can be carried out synchronously and driven in parallel." He said

if you want to do well, you must sharpen your tools first. The intelligent transformation and assembly of production equipment have become a major driving force for Dongguan to seek the upgrading of "intelligent manufacturing". In Dongguan's pillar industry - 3C industry intelligent terminal product manufacturing industry, intelligent product production has spawned the demand for local intelligent equipment production

the interview team visited Guangdong Changying Precision Technology Co., Ltd. on the 8th. This enterprise is a representative enterprise of Dongguan's intelligent industry. From the early stage, it purchased foreign equipment to process 3C intelligent terminal metal structures. Looking back at more than 500 exhibitors and appearance parts of domestic and foreign enterprises, this enterprise has transformed into an intelligent equipment manufacturer of processing equipment through "simulation innovation". In 2016, the company's main business income reached nearly 4billion yuan, an increase of nearly 91% year-on-year. With Dongguan Jinsheng and Dongguan ruilida being recognized as the intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects of the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2015 and 2016, Dongguan "intelligent manufacturing" focuses not only on processing, but also on providing intelligent manufacturing equipment for production

in the next step, Dongguan will strive to build 100 key projects of intelligent transformation within this year, carry out intelligent manufacturing analysis and diagnosis of 1000 enterprises, promote 10000 person times of intelligent manufacturing technology training, and guide key resources in the industrial chain such as intelligent manufacturing system solution suppliers, equipment manufacturers, finance, talents, etc. around the world. 3. Please install experimental materials as required and gather in Dongguan to provide strong support for the upgrading of "intelligent manufacturing" in Dongguan

it is reported that this "made in Guangdong, strong in Guangdong - Guangdong innovation driven, intelligent manufacturing" theme Network Interview activity was jointly sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, and the provincial Internet Information Office, and hosted by Xinhua. During the event, an all media interview group composed of more than 40 media from across the country went to Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places for on-the-spot interviews

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