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Delta's new man-machine dop-as38bstd "huhushengwei"

today's man-machine interface products are far from simple "man-machine communication display interface". In addition to the high-tech requirements of communication control, program and network connection, it is becoming more and more important to develop suitable products for the specific needs of customers

Delta Electronics, a leading Chinese brand in the field of mechanical and electrical automation in the world, has developed rapidly in human-machine products in recent years, and directly hit the market and customer needs. It has become a new force in the human-machine market by outputting electrical signals through the position of iron core in mobile coils. Recently, another tiger in Delta's human-computer family: dop-as38bstd. Gerresheimer of this new model has gathered its glass production in Pentax, which not only complements the models of delta man-machine at 5.7 inches and above, making the product line more complete, but also gives customers more choices in model selection. More importantly, this is a rare boutique in the industry

from the layout of the product model, we can see that this new product is 3.8 inches. Such a small and lightweight dop-as38bstd man-machine has clearer resolution, more amazing performance, and brings you a cost-effective solution

compared with similar products in the market, dop-as38bstd man-machine is unusual in functional parameters. Its importance is reflected in:

(1) 128K bytes SRAM

(2) it is equipped with three COM ports (rs232*2, rs422/rs485*1), which can connect controllers with three different protocols at the same time, and build a multi machine connection network

(3) USB socket is provided at the back, which supports USB disc. More than 40% of new houses use plastic doors and windows; Plastic window printers are used in more than 80% of new residential buildings in Qingdao and Dalian

(4) support/offline simulation function to facilitate user program and debugging

(5) USB1.1 high speed program download

(6) support the slave function

(7) provide macro functions

(8) conform to IP65 & NEMA4 specification

(9) passed CE and UL certification

it is the consistent policy of Delta Electronics to launch products suitable for customers' needs according to market demand. As one of the main products in Delta's electromechanical automation field, man-machine interface has been greatly developed and widely used in recent years. There are many successful cases in many industries of industrial automation control, such as rapier looms, high-speed drawing frames, glass fiber post-processing processes, and gas-fired food tunnel furnaces, which have been highly praised by customers

as a recruit of delta man-machine, dop-as38bstd man-machine supports downloading user programs through USB flash disk, and subsequently supports updating the firmware of man-machine with USB flash disk. At the same time, in order to better protect the rights and interests of screen program developers, a new function is added to limit the number of times to download programs to the touch screen through the U disk. The most noteworthy thing is that this man-machine supports entering the man-machine system screen through the dial switch SW2 on the back of the man-machine (above the com2 port), which provides another way to enter the system screen when pressing the sys key cannot enter the system screen. Of course, there are more aspects of humanized design to meet the various needs of customers

provide customers with a variety of polymers. It is reported that once this product was launched, it has attracted the attention of many customers, and its power is evident. Delta Electronics also said that it would continue to strengthen efforts to develop more cost-effective man-machine products, promote technological progress and innovation in this field, and bring benefits to every customer

about Delta Electronics

Delta Electronics Group was founded in 1971, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, and has production and sales bases and technology research and development centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. As the world's largest supplier of power management systems and a leader in the field of industrial automation, delta group is also the world's mainstream supplier of displays, electronic components and networking products. In 2004, its operating revenue exceeded US $3.012 billion (about RMB 24.4 billion), with 50000 employees worldwide. With its accumulated professional experience in power electronics and control technology, Delta Electronics can be called a leader in the field of industrial automation. Since 1995, we began to produce AC motor frequency converters. In recent years, our product line has been greatly expanded to provide diversified, advanced and reliable products and customized solutions for the industrial automation market

Delta Electronics in China

Zhongda Diantong Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, headquartered in Pudong, Shanghai, and has 34 branches in China. It is a subsidiary of the international multinational giant Delta Electronics Group in the mainland. After ten years of sharpening a sword, the scabbard becomes brilliant. Inheriting the high-quality aura of the parent company, Zhongda Diantong is committed to the perfect combination of energy-efficient technology and application engineering, providing integrated integration solutions, and creating competitive advantages with customers. The products provided by ZTE cover frequency converters, open programmable controllers, AC servo systems, numerical control systems, man-machine interfaces, encoders, temperature controllers and various power supplies, advanced DLP rear projection video display systems, etc., all of which are highly praised by customers in the industry for their first-class quality, excellent cost performance and fast and considerate service

as a mainstream supplier of industrial automation, power and communication products, integrated integration solutions and customized services, Zhongda Diantong is your most reliable partner

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