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Development of double-layer laminated film suitable for meat preservation: French paper corporation characteristics: after continuous research, the most high-end outer layer of our battery extrusion experimental machine on the market is high-density polyethylene film with special structure and properties, and the inner layer is edible paper. The outer plastic film is translucent, extremely thin, only 12 microns thick, but very strong. Its chemical composition is inert, completely non-toxic, and it can be in direct contact with food. It can not only maintain the original color, aroma and taste of meat. Moreover, when the meat is stored in the refrigerator, the package will stick to the meat after being soaked in blood and grease. There are @12, sensor calibration and zeroing; When measuring the standard weight, it will also form a hard skin on the surface, but there are defects

purpose: it is especially suitable for packing meat, especially meat that needs to be stored in the refrigerator

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