Dongyueliang, the most popular craftsman, forged a

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XCMG craftsman Dong Yueliang: forge ahead, quench into steel

XCMG craftsman Dong Yueliang: forge ahead, quench into steel

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Dong Yueliang joined the Communist Party of China in June 1996 and is now the director of Hangzhou Representative Office of XCMG schweiying marketing company. Although he is in his 40s this year, he is not tall, but "BaoJianFeng comes from honing, and plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold" has been perfectly interpreted in his blank state in China. From an ordinary employee to the director of the representative office, from being alone to leading the team, you can think of how much sweat and effort it carries. On the way forward, he persevered, Rio Tinto market, quenched into steel

XCMG craftsman Dong Yueliang: forge ahead, quench into steel

firm belief that the sun is always after the rain

he has worked in XCMG for 2 years, including 14 years of other amputees who are not counted

he has experienced three market lows in 2005, 2008 and 2015. His youth has contributed to the cause of XCMG, and his surging passion has been handed over to the road. He insisted on moving customers with his true feelings. In order to meet customers, he stayed at the door of a unit for a day. He couldn't see them today and would come back tomorrow. Once he had a cold and fever of 39 degrees. In order not to miss the opportunity, he still insisted on working. That's how he was praised by customers for his integrity and persistence

continue to climb the crisis to find vitality

in 2017, the performance of Hangzhou Representative Office was among the best

Dong Yueliang believes that achieving excellent results is not accidental, but depends on the company's policies and teamwork. A customer's purchase of a 56 meter pump truck in full is an example. The 56 meter pump truck is a licensed vehicle and needs to go to Wuhan to handle the transfer of ownership. The process involves the signing of the transfer tripartite agreement, the handling of vehicle violations, vehicle repair and detection, the filing of the traffic police team, the review of the vehicle management office, etc. if the normal process is smooth, it also needs half a month of images that can be moved to reduce the aperture. With the full help of the Wuhan Representative Office, It took them only three days to complete the preliminary matters for the customer. The customer only needs to bring his ID card to the vehicle management office to take photos and sign to pick up the car. The customer said movingly, "only XCMG has such treatment."

despite all risks, Dong Yueliang has worked hard and bravely to climb. For more than 20 years, he has demonstrated the demeanor of Xu Gong Shi Weiying's marketing personnel with his heart, letter and persistence, and created the quality of Hangzhou Sales team, which is to strive for perfection, think about what customers want, and be anxious about what customers want. He led the team with persistent professionalism, exquisite business skills The sincere and considerate service makes customers deeply feel the perseverance and thoughtfulness of XCMG marketers. (this article is from XCMG)

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