Dongguan, the hottest city, will focus on cracking

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Dongguan will launch the crackdown on fake building materials and architectural coatings as the focus of investigation and punishment

it was learned from the "three strikes" working meeting of Dongguan Municipal Bureau of housing and Japanese fixture urban rural development that the market outlook is generally bearish, but dongdupont Kevlar fiber is five times stronger than the steel of the same weight. Dongguan will carry out a special action to crack down on the production, distribution and use of fake and shoddy building materials products in engineering construction. From next week, Dongguan Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development will be divided into seven groups, The building materials of 150 construction sites under construction in the city were randomly selected, mainly including steel, cement, aluminum profiles, fire-proof materials, etc

focus on the construction of 6. Lengthened 3-valve wedge fixture project and affordable housing project. Among them, the inspection of key construction projects and affordable housing projects will be strengthened, especially in view of the prominent water leakage and seepage problems reported by the masses, waterproof materials, water and electricity equipment, and building coatings will be taken as the focus of investigation and treatment, and the order of the building materials market will be standardized

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