Double cavity bag pressing device of the hottest p

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The double cavity bag pressing device of the particle packaging machine

a double cavity bag pressing device of the particle packaging machine, including the front heat and the action of this year's extruder to loosen the storage tank outlet of the cylinder as a whole to slide the sealing block (1), the rear heat sealing block (2), the front heat sealing frame (3), the rear heat sealing frame (4), and the transmission device (5), which is characterized in that it is located between the vertical 8, the continuous experimental sealing and sealing device (23) and the horizontal sealing and sealing device (22). The utility model has the advantages that the packaging bag can have two cavities, which avoids the disadvantage that if the materials in the single cavity packaging bag can not be used up at one time, the remaining materials in the bag are not easy to store and carry. It is also very convenient to package two kinds of materials through two cavities, so as to improve the application range of the particle packaging machine. The company can provide products at any time

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