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Dongrun Nanhai lubricating oil: create a lubrication solution of personalized service for customers

Dongrun Nanhai lubricating oil: create a lubrication solution of personalized service for customers

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Gaobeidian Nanhai Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise under Dongrun group that integrates the production, processing, sales and service of lubricating oil, and is also a project of lubricating oil industry cluster built by the group, Gaobeidian economic and Technological Development Zone in Hebei Province, located in the hinterland of southern Beijing and on the economic circle around the capital Beijing, is located in the traffic hub intertwined with major highways, and is one of the strategic places for Beijing's future development. As a banner of its own brand, the company's "Dongrun Nanhai" brand lubricating oil has long adhered to "taking product quality as the backing, virtue and integrity as the support, and customer service as the purpose", upholding the industry responsibility of "change to the future", paying attention to the personalized needs of consumers, and has been highly praised by market users

industry transformation, consumption upgrading, terminal reform... The new market situation in the new era provides a broad world for the Independent Lubricant industry, and also puts an unprecedented test on the transformation of enterprises. Embracing the changes of the times, how can Dongrun Nanhai ride the wind? As an all media platform of lubricating oil integrated with automobile and machinery genes, China lubricating oil information () and lubricating oil market magazine recently interviewed Mr. Xue Jing, general manager of Nanhai Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd., and listened to him talk about Dongrun Nanhai's countermeasures and brand new situation

Mr. Xue Jing, general manager of Nanhai Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd.

innovated the "segmented" lubrication scheme to create a "lifelong lubricant"

insiders who know Dongrun Nanhai well are all impressed by its brand purpose of "moisturizing Nanhai at the same time and loving lubricants for a lifetime". In the development of the enterprise, Dongrun Nanhai always takes service first and quality first as the company's business policy, takes the production of excellent products as its own responsibility, and takes exceeding customer expectations as the goal, and has handed over satisfactory answers to the market

Dongrun Nanhai lubricant booth style

in the interview, President Xue introduced two main products of Dongrun Nanhai turbo brand. Turbo special oil for turbocharged engine is the sincere work of the company for turbocharged engine. It is carefully prepared with the newly developed technical formula of aminophenol compound +zddp. Mr. Xue said that the adoption of the new formula is the biggest highlight of this product; On the basis of maintaining the original performance of the oil, maximize the oxidation resistance and wear resistance of the oil. Facing the challenge of high-temperature working conditions of turbocharged engine, based on the original process, turbo brand creatively launched the newly developed "amino phenol composite +zddp technology formula", which fully inhibits the formation of sediment, improves the service performance of oil products, effectively prolongs the service life of engine and turbocharger, and provides the best lubrication protection for engine and turbocharger lubrication system

as an important achievement of the company's scientific research strength and technological innovation, km road transport vehicle special oil focuses on the "segmented" lubrication scheme to prolong the factory life of the engine and focus on improving the economic benefits of customers. Mr. Xue said that based on years of practical experience, the company divided the vehicle condition under long-distance transportation into three stages. Among them, Section 1 refers to the 10000 km stage, in which oil products can help car owners save fuel 5%; The second section refers to 10000 kilometers, and the high-pressure oil circuit puts forward higher requirements for lubrication performance. Therefore, on the basis of ensuring the original comprehensive performance of the oil, Dongrun Nanhai maximizes the dispersion and wear resistance of the oil, disperses the wear particles generated by compression ignition, and avoids the surface wear of the friction pair

"as for the third segment, it refers to the long mileage stage of more than 1million kilometers." At this time, the ultra-long distance driving makes the cylinder enter the ultra-high heat state, and the external dust and other dirt seriously threaten the safety of the engine, and the resulting carbon deposition is the main cause of engine damage. We are discussing the casting of the experimental machine. Facing this threat, China's hemodialysis center can only serve about 20% of patients with major hidden diseases. Dongrun Nanhai concentrated the industry's advantageous resources, extensively studied the raw material formula, and finally locked in the brand-new mo (molybdenum element) oil film technology formula. Speaking here, President Xue particularly introduced the excellent characteristics of this raw material: "Molybdenum is a typical ferrophile, which also provides technical support for the development of low halogen, low smoke and environment-friendly flame retardant pp. the copper element has a very high melting point. In the actual process, molybdenum can effectively adsorb on the surface of parts, form a stable oil film, and give it higher strength, so as to greatly enhance the sealing performance of the engine and ensure the continuous output of engine power."

"segmented" lubrication scheme, with clear theory and scientific method, is easy for car owners to combine their own reality. It has been continuously affirmed in the industry since its listing, and is highly praised by market consumers. In this regard, Mr. Xue is very proud: "since the special oil for km road transport vehicles came into the market, it has passed the driving inspection of many customers. Facts have proved that our oil products have effectively helped customers improve economic benefits and successfully helped the vehicle drive 200000 kilometers more."

improve user experience and create competitive advantages in regional services

in the past two years, "consumption upgrading" has become a hot word in contemporary society, especially for young ethnic groups, which has led to an era of "experience first". In contrast, the lubricant industry still adheres to the old model of "from production to circulation", and the marketing work is carried out in a "one-way" and "one-sided" way, which not only ignores the rich and colorful inner feelings of users, but also is increasingly divorced from the current mainstream trend of youth and personalization in the consumer market

Dongrun Nanhai lubricating oil booth style

in the face of this pain point in the industry, President Xue has deep feelings: in the era of rapid change, enterprises are not only required to meet the existing needs of customers, but also should carefully listen to the voice of users, feel the pulse of users, and focus on user experience. To this end, Dongrun Nanhai attaches great importance to the construction of customer channels, and strives to bring products to every site in need from the perspective of practical experience, so as to achieve the service in the hearts of every customer. In terms of customer relations, Dongrun Nanhai continues to integrate the advantageous resources of various industries, match higher quality products, and create more demand with product differentiation and specialization; Make the customer experience to the extreme and bring them different feelings; In terms of channel construction, Dongrun Nanhai provides professional guidance and training services for terminal stores, improves the value system capacity of terminal stores, improves the professional services of terminal stores, and provides better oil change experience for car owners

group photo of Dongrun Nanhai lubricating oil staff

looking forward to 2018, President Xue is full of confidence in the future of Dongrun Nanhai brand. "In 2018, we will explore new products, new markets and new services." President Xue said enthusiastically: "The key of new products is to have professional and personalized products, which can better drive the relevant extension while meeting the existing needs; the new market is mainly to drive the emerging entrepreneurial and struggling dealer groups through the second-class dealers, diversify and serve old customers, and expand new customers by relying on the source points; the fundamental method of new services is to innovate service methods and create service highlights. Terminals have a market-oriented role, and we should give play to terminals The advantage of value service system provides professional technical support for the industry. With the brand power of Dongrun Nanhai, help the industry terminal forge ahead in the new era! "

industry comment:

the general secretary pointed out: "to build a modern economic system, we must focus on the real economy, take improving the quality of the supply system as the main direction, and significantly enhance the quality advantage of China's economy." Facing the new situation of the industry market under the economic environment, Dongrun Nanhai did not forget its original intention, held high the brand banner of "Dongrun Nanhai, a lifelong lubricant", continued to promote product research and development, committed to improving service quality, and helped the industry market complete the challenge of the era of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. Have faith in your heart and dream in front of you. Dongrun Nanhai lubricating oil is willing to be down-to-earth and persistent in the journey of brand development, serve the needs of the industry with excellent quality, constantly surpass itself on the road of market development, and use practical actions to empower and increase efficiency for "made in China" and add luster to the independent lubricating oil brand

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