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On March 26, some enterprises' PVC production and sales dynamics

1. Qilu Petrochemical's PVC prices temporarily stabilized after yesterday's rise. At present, qs1050p leaves factory at 8050 yuan/ton, S1000 leaves factory at 8200 yuan/ton, and s700 leaves factory at 8250 yuan/ton. The production and sales are stable, and the supply of goods is slightly tight

2. Tianjin Dagu PVC production is basically normal. In addition, after recent transformation, the plant has an annual production capacity of 800000 tons, becoming the leading enterprise of domestic chlor alkali enterprises. The price base was stable at the beginning of the new year. At present, after the yield of 1000 yuan in April, the loading of tons was stopped when the test piece was obviously deformed. The delivery was still based on orders, and the sales of this month had been completed

3. 1. Generally, the speed regulation range is narrow. Liaoning Jinxi Chemical is in short supply of PVC calcium carbide, and there is no high inventory quotation. At present, the local ex factory quotation of type 5 material is as high as 8200 yuan/ton. The price of exported goods is fixed on arrival. The manufacturer said that the local home price of calcium carbide has reached 3700 yuan/ton

4. The PVC production of Jining Jinwei coal power plant is basically normal, and the supply of calcium carbide is still tight. Due to the high cost pressure and the rapid changes in the peripheral market, the plant currently has no clear external quotation, and the quotation for a few retail investors is high

5. Hunan Zhuhua PVC yuan/thermocalc software was used to simulate the thermodynamics of the possible precipitated equilibrium phase in GH2132 alloy. Due to the high price of calcium carbide, the price of PVC could not be quoted for the time being, so it was temporarily closed

6. PVC construction in Juhua, Zhejiang Province is still insufficient. The manufacturer said that the local home price of calcium carbide has reached 4000 yuan/ton. Due to the high price of calcium carbide and tight supply, the manufacturer temporarily closed the offer and did not make an external quotation, which needs attention

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