How to identify indoor decoration air pollution

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Nowadays, decoration pollution has become an invisible killer. More and more residents are eager to move into their new houses just after decoration, resulting in great physical and mental damage, but they don't know it

now I'll teach you a few tricks to identify indoor decoration pollution. If you have the following symptoms, you should go to the hospital in time

1. When I get up in the morning every day, I feel suffocated, nauseated, and even dizzy

2. Family members are often prone to colds

3. although he doesn't smoke and rarely contacts the smoking environment, he often feels uncomfortable in his throat, feels foreign body, and has poor breathing

4. Children at home often cough, sneeze, and their immunity declines. Children in newly decorated houses are unwilling to go home

5. Family members often have skin allergies and other diseases, which are mass

6. The family has a common disease, and after leaving this environment, the symptoms will change and improve significantly

7. newlyweds are not pregnant for a long time, and the reason cannot be found out

8. Fetal malformation is found in pregnant women under normal pregnancy

9. After a new move or decoration, indoor plants are not easy to survive, and their leaves are easy to turn yellow and wither, especially some plants with the strongest vitality are difficult to grow normally

10. After the new move, the domestic pet cat, dog or tropical fish died inexplicably, and so did the neighbors

11. As soon as I go to work, I feel sore throat, dry respiratory tract, dizziness for a long time, easy to fatigue, and there is no problem after work, and other people in the same building also have this feeling

12. Newly decorated families or newly bought furniture have irritating odor such as dazzling and pungent, and the odor still lingers for more than a year

in view of the fact that indoor decoration pollution has seriously threatened people's health, Quanzhou lvjiang technology has been involved in the indoor decoration pollution control industry since 2000, and has successfully developed “ Green general ” A series of formaldehyde scavengers, decoration deodorants, automobile deodorants, Industrial formaldehyde capture agents, photocatalysts, benzene ammonia scavengers, special deodorant boxes, paint partners, furniture floor waxes, fumigation deodorants, odor scavengers, formaldehyde removal films, wood essential oils and other products. After several years of exploration, it has introduced and absorbed international advanced technology and mastered many cutting-edge technologies for indoor environmental pollution control. Now it has applied technology and products to the detection and treatment of indoor environment, provided customers with standardized indoor pollution control services, and is also attracting investment across the country. Its sales network has been spread all over the country “ Green general ” Series products have become a good brand loved by consumers. Friends with similar aspirations are welcome to join them to create good results and make a contribution to the green era





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