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The quality of eco board is related to what factors

there are good and bad quality in any commodity. As a popular home decoration material, eco board also has a huge gap in product quality. This is where the market law develops, and it is also the key point of the competition between the attitude and technology of an eco board manufacturer

ecological board is a decorative wood-based board made of particleboard, medium density fiberboard, plywood, blockboard, etc. by hot pressing. Therefore, the difference of substrate is an influencing factor affecting the quality of ecological board. For example, the blockboard used in the production of ecological board is more uniform in structure, less deformation and good processing performance than particleboard and plywood. The ecological board made of this substrate is more durable

people often pay more attention to the release of formaldehyde in the selection of plates. As the name suggests, eco board performs very well in environmental protection performance. However, it does not rule out the possibility that illegal manufacturers cut corners in bonding production and use inferior bonding solvents. Therefore, the quality of glue is also an existing factor that affects the quality difference of ecological board




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