The real craft of zhigongxin Runxin door industry

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With the persistence of the original intention, enterprise managers must constantly try. Through the accumulation of years, they can not only master professional knowledge, but also control the correct direction of the future development of the enterprise. Only then can they really start the journey of craftsmen in a sense

enterprise managers must rely on the persistence of the original intention, continue to try, and through the accumulation of years, not only master professional knowledge, but also control the correct direction of the future development of the enterprise, so as to truly start the journey of craftsman in a sense

the real process is to develop in succession

every link and process in the production process should be comprehensive. A small mistake in a trivial link may also affect the product quality and even the enterprise reputation. Therefore, the enterprise must have absolute control over product quality, comprehensively consider according to peer standards, and formulate reasonable process standards. Every employee must strictly comply with the standards to produce products

Mr. hewenbao, general manager of Runxin door industry

the team has exquisite skill level, and it cannot form the unique competitiveness of the enterprise. The real craft is developed in succession. If the craft needs to adapt to the trend of the times, it must keep improving, absorb the good parts of new things, and constantly optimize and adjust in combination with the development of the enterprise itself, so as to form the core competitiveness of the enterprise

you can't achieve perfection by constantly doing one thing in depth. You must constantly learn, constantly consult and communicate with your predecessors and peers, and then you can get real improvement. When you change from a layman to an industry expert, you are not far away from craftsmen

-- according to the interview quotations of Mr. He Wenbao, it is easy to do one thing right without forgetting the original intention, and it is difficult to do the same thing right all the time, even if it is a very simple thing. When you decide that this thing is right, spend 10 years, 20 years or even a lifetime, settle down and just do it, keep doing it well, do it right, and don't forget to stick to it at first, this is the craftsman spirit

-- according to the interview quotations of Mr. He Wenbao, every craftsman is unique and respectable! A craftsman needs continuous exploration and long-term accumulation to go deep into the ever-changing furniture industry in order to find the track of "craftsman spirit", gradually find its traces, and spend a lifetime to get it

Runxin door industry

Tangshan Runxin door industry Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Tangshan Runxin craft door factory) is the largest indoor door production enterprise in Tangshan, and it is also the design and production base of large-scale modern integrated furniture such as wooden doors, furniture, stairs, wall panels, etc

Runxin door industry carries out surface processing and carving through the international leading mechanized method, compounds by hot pressing, or installs boards or inlays solid wood lines, and refines and polishes by machinery and hand, and assembles by hand. At the same time, it integrates the high-grade design concept, fully describes the new realm of modern decoration, and creates a noble, classic, fashionable, low-carbon, environmentally friendly indoor integrated home, Meet the personalized needs of different people for home environment decoration




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